Friday 10 January 2014

Cheered Up Through The Receiving Of Jasper Jewellery

I'll admit, I've felt like a little bit of a grump this past week.

Apologies to anyone who's been on the receiving end of my moods - especially the Husband.

Poor thing...

But - I'm feeling A-OK today, and all thanks to a little delivery the postie presented me with yesterday.
I think he's trying to redeem himself a little bit for loosing my son's Christmas pressie the week before "The Big Day" - but let's not go there right now, I'm quite happy to be out of "Misery-Mode" and would really rather like to stay out of it.

So, the change in mood - well - it had a little something to do with this gorgeous looking package that hit my doorstep*.

How pretty - probably the best wrapping I've seen in a long time.

Now I know it seems a little materialistic to cheer up through the receiving of gifts...but...Ah can't be helped - I just love pretty, sparkly things.

And anyway, wouldn't anyone be happy to have this addressed to them??

And it is all thanks to the fantastic people at Jasper Jewellery.

Now, if this website is a tad new to you - don't worry, it was to me too.

But I'm so glad I've discovered it now, with it's treasure trove of sparkly, unique, very high quality, Swarovski Crystal pieces, that really are just beautiful.

This Ireland based jewellery store pride themselves on fast, free delivery, worldwide.

They even gift-wrap any package, no matter the size and for free too.

Perfect, if like me, wrapping things is certainly not a forte.

I did try with all my might not to destroy this lovely wrapping paper, but to be perfectly honest, I failed miserably.

It was just like a second, mini Christmas and I wanted that gift open now.

Inside, I found this beautiful, very delicate, sparkly flower bracelet which is going to add a real understated touch of glamour to any outfit.

It is very pretty and the Swarovski Crystals catch the light beautifully.

I have to say, I just absolutely adore this ring that was nestled away inside the box too.

I've been looking for something similar for a while now, so when I saw this, I knew it had to be mine.

It is really fashionable yet a little bit different too, and it is something I can wear everyday and not have to keep hidden away until a special occasion pops up.

I wore it today actually, and the amount of people that commented on it was really unbelievable - it seems I may have created a few Jasper Jewellery fans already.

Now, if these sparkly pieces weren't enough to encourage a little bit of a spending spree, then how about a little discount code to help loosen those purse strings?


The perfect way to treat a loved one - and what with Valentines Day just a stones throw away, it would be silly not to take advantage of this €5 discount to use on anything you so wish from the site.

Just look at just how helpful I can be.

How do you save a little bit of cash then, well it is very easy -

* Have a browse of the website

* Add any desired item to the basket (there's more than a few lovely bits, so be warned - there may be a few items purchased at once!)

* Enter the code: marriedtoageek5 into the discount box

* Complete the checkout & wait whilst the very speedy, very FREE delivery is put into practice.

That's it.

Easy Peasy.

And what's more, this code is valid until 31st March 2014 too.


I hope you enjoy Jasper Jewellery as much as I did

*Items provided for honest review

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