Wednesday 29 January 2014

Sweet Treats From Bah Humbugs

My sweet-tooth was doing a little happy dance when the postman delivered this fantastic little sugar filled package to me earlier this week.

All from the brilliant lady that is Lucy at Bah Humbugs Sweet Shop.

Bah Humbugs is a traditional sweetie shop in Masham, North of Ripon, selling "old fashioned" type sweets, and was first opened in 2004.

After ten years in business, Bah Humbugs is still very much dedicated to helping it's customers experience a little trip down memory lane, allowing them to reminisce through the enjoyment of their favourite childhood sweet treats.

I can't even express just how excited I was when I pulled out a Wham Bar from my cute pink and white stripey bag of tricks - I even gave a little squeal of excitement!

As well as their lovely, white fronted traditional style shop, Bah Humbugs also offer an online sweet store, meaning that everyone, everywhere is able to dig in and enjoy all of their favourites, no matter the time of year or their distance from Ripon.

Bah Humbugs stock over four hundred different types of sweets and they specialise in liquorice.
And they do have lots and lots of lovely liquorice, stocking over sixty different worldwide variations of the stuff.

But it doesn't end there - oh no - there's loads more, including their fantastic retro sweet hampers filled with a whole array of yummy retro sweets, and their great sweetie party bags, which can be customised to create an individualistic touch for a child's party.

A fab sweet treat for everyone and every occasion.

There's even the option to buy a six month or a twelve month sweet subscription and tailor make it to suit your own tastes - meaning you get your very own 1kg sweet-filled package delivered straight to your home...or work each month.

How Fantastic.

And my treat package was absolutely fantastic too - it certainly made me very happy - and it came in two sections.

Part One consisted of this lovely card party bag which was crammed with traditional hard boiled, crunchy and gummy, chewy sweets.

All of which are my absolute favourites!

I had cola cubes, lemon sherbets, midget gems, rhubarb and custards and floral gums (which The Husband snaffled before I could even utter a word in protest), and everything was packaged so beautifully too - lovely labels, lovely presentation - really high class stuff.

Who Knew? - Sweets Turn VIP.

Part Two was this lovely traditionally striped paper bag that was bursting with all the things I remember stuffing into a penny sweet bag on trips to the newsagents with my Mum many years ago, and I loved it.

I was treated to black jacks, fruit salads, popping candy, the fantastic big pink chewy Anglo Bubbly's and not one, but two Wham bar's (yum!!).

I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I didn't want to share them - not at all - not even with my son... oops.

Bah Humbugs is amazing and I'm planning on taking a trip to their shop in the very near future.

You know you want to. 

And if you use the code BLOG15 you'll  get a very l o v e r l y 15% off too.

No excuse to not treat yourself now

Aren't I just so nice to you - Enjoy.

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