Saturday 1 February 2014

My First Try Of A Candle Party With PARTYLITE

With candles being some of my favourite things to have around the house, I was really pleased and a tad intrigued to be tagging along with my friend Nicola, acting as her plus one, and going to my first ever candle party last night.

I think I have a little candle obsession to be honest - I have at least one in almost every room in the house - I just love 'em!

The Husband pretends to huff and puff and moan and whine every time I come home and pull another one out of the bag, but I know he is only pretending.

He loves them really - even if he won't admit it - I just know it.

And it's a good job that I do know this really, because off I popped to this fragranced-wax-filled party, hosted by the very beautiful Rachel at her very lovely beauty palace, Pure Beauty and Holistics, with every intention of not returning home empty handed.

I was a lady on a candle mission.

And I wasn't disappointed.

The party began with a few lovely - very lovely actually - nibbles and drinks whilst we all browsed the candle crammed brochure given to us by our PARTYLITE hostess Sharon.

We chatted and browsed, with the very beautiful aromas of Mulberry filling the room, coming from the impressive candle adorned table, which stood in the corner of the room, tempting me even more.

There were so many varieties of candle holders, candle burners, candle decorations, and I managed to get myself in a bit of a pickle by visualising each one in a different place around my home, making choosing what to buy a little bit of a nightmare.

I wanted the lot.

To break the ice a little, and get the room interacting more, Sharon played a few games with us and even gave away little candle samples as prizes.

Try as I might, I wasn't able to keep hold of any of the prizes myself - and I didn't win the raffle prize on offer either...

! Sob !

But hey-ho - the prizes did end up in the hands of some very deserving ladies - and gentlemen...
Candles are not just to be enjoyed by the female population you know!
(Take the hint Husband of mine!)

Next, and whilst I was hogging the PARTYLITE Black Box Of Fantastic Fragrances (or so I nicknamed it anyway) and sticking my nose into each little pot to decide which scent I liked the best, we were told all about the company.

PARTYLITE began it's journey in America in the early 1900's, when the determination and passion of one woman - Mable Baker - turned her homemade hobby into a $6 million business.

The company has flourished, and now has consultants residing in eighteen different countries worldwide. 

It was clear to see that Sharon loves this job, and she explained that being a PARTLITE consultant was flexible enough to fit around any other full-time work or family commitments that she had, allowing her to have a second income, as small or as large as she liked, depending upon the time she choose to put into it.

I mean - being allowed to play with pretty candles as often as you like - and to get paid for the pleasure - why - yes please!

However, as public speaking isn't my forte - at all - and never ever will be, the idea of becoming a consultant myself just isn't an option, but it was a really appealing prospect to consider.

With the party coming to a close, I was forced to abandon my hours of trawling through the brochure, picking things and then dismissing them when I found something else that I wanted even more.

The time had come and I just had to make a decision.

In the end, I ordered a sample box of tea-light candles.

I figured that if I try all of the various scents first, I can pick the one I love the most and then allow myself to overindulge with that one lovely scent alone.

I had a great, fun evening.

I really liked the fact, that although the "aim of the game" is for the consultant to sell things, there was no pressure at all for us to buy anything if we didn't want to.

The night was really laid back, well organised and, well - just fun.

It was something a little bit different and an excuse to get friends together for a drink (or five!) and just have a bit of a giggle.

And the hostess of the evening even received some extra treats and goodies and bonuses too - fab!

Have a try yourself!

Happy Candle Partying

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