Wednesday 26 February 2014

H2WOW And The Gym

Today I think I may have slightly lost my mind.

It's the school holidays, plus my son slept out at his Nana's last night, so this surely should equal a lovely, extra long lie-in for me?

Or not

Nope - non of that - today I decided to set my alarm for 5.30am, to get up, do a little housework before getting myself into the gym and on a treadmill all for 7am.

Yep, I too agree that a lie down right now is required.

But there is a little method to my (very) early morning madness.

I have wanted to get back into the swing of things at the gym for ages now, and knowing that I had my first ever filling booked in at 10am today I didn't quite know how I'd fare with wanting to work out this evening.

So off I went in the early morning.

And there I was, red faced, sweating away, wondering at times what on earth I was doing, yet all the while with my new, pritty fancy looking H2WOW water bottle in hand.

I'm usually one of those gym goers who fills up their old, unwashed drinks bottles at the last second before a class starts - that bottle that's been left rotting in the car for days on end that I forgot to take out and clean - nice eh!

Hardly hygienic.

Or I'm one of those gym goers who'll throw £1.20 into the vending machine without thinking, as I fly through reception and buy a bottle of water to get me through a dehydrating Jump FX class.

But I think things have changed now, now that I've had a little enlightening information to digest anyway.

I was first introduced to H2WOW by a friend, and having a look at their water filter bottles, well, I think they look really quite professional.

They have an easy *pop* dome lid which prevents spillages perfectly, and the plastic of the bottle itself is sturdy and strong, but can also be squeezed slightly.

Fantastic if you get to that point in a class where you just need a whole lot more water than you're getting - a quick squeeze of the bottle, and problem solved.

The bottles also fit perfectly into the holders on the gym exercise equipment - which is a huge bonus - no more scrambling around on the floor looking for the bottle that has lodged under the bike pedal.

However, it's the fancy little water filter design that had me really intrigued, and it made me like this bottle a whole lot more.

The filter attached to the bottle is carbon based and is designed to remove nasty contaminates that can be found in good old tap water, by cleaning the water as it passes through the filter before hitting the mouth, helping to create much cleaner, healthier and better tasting water.

The filter itself has to be soaked briefly before use, and eventually - after about 3 months - it will need to be replaced, but it very easily screws and unscrews into the lid section of the bottle.

Very un-fussy and it means no more un-hygienic, filthy bottles for me.

It could also help to save me a few pennies too.

I for one know how expensive bottled water can be, yet people seem to fall into it's convenience trap (myself included) - buy it, drink it, throw the bottle away.

And this is exactly what another 150 million people worldwide do too...


....and only 25% of all of these bottles are ever recycled.

That's a lot of wasted money, and a whole lot of wasted plastic.

A problem when it's pointed out that it takes about 900 years for each and every plastic bottle to fully disintegrate.

Quite alarming stuff.

It certainly made me think twice about my money spending habits and my Looking-After-The-Environment Habits anyway.

H2WOW's bottle can give me my clean water, hygienically, can be cost effective, as well as allow me to do my bit for the planet.

I like it.

And what's more, H2WOW will donate 50p of every bottle sale to the Just a Drop charity - which is enough to give a child clean drinking water for five years.

I know my H2WOW bottle will be accompanying me on many a future gym session

*item provided for an honest review

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