Thursday 27 February 2014

The National Media Museum Meets Skylands

Today I visited The National Media Museum in Bradford for their Skylanders exhibition.

Now, whilst the museum is great, it is very local to me, and it is free, my son really doesn't like going all that much these days.

He's eight
He's very easily bored
He likes to do things that are different - all of the time

And visiting places that we've been to before is unfortunately not his idea of fun.

But - he does love all things Skylands and he has all three of the games and goodness knows how many of the interactive figures for each one, so, still slightly reluctantly, we headed off for the afternoon.

Once inside the museum, we were confronted with all things "Skylands" and my son's curiosity very obviously won him over, and he couldn't wait to explore everything.

He was suddenly swept away with an urgency to complete the Skylanders prize trail, and we ran from floor to floor, rather excitedly, looking for all of the the clues to answer the questions and to try and win a fab prize.

It was so much fun, and it just shows how having different exhibitions can help to keep children interested in the museum culture.

They bring a whole new "newness" to everything, and things that may have been seen a hundred times before are looked at from a totally different perspective.

And if they help to change my son's views, well, they certainly are quite brilliant!

The fun didn't stop there though either.

The two interactive workshops available - again, for free - were brilliant, and the kiddies were booked onto a time slot for the activity of their choice.

We decided that the animation workshop was a little too late in the day for us, but nothing was stopping my son from getting his hands on a PS4 controller and having a quick game of Skylanders Swap Force.

Naturally he loved it, and the computer playing was a huge hit with everyone.

And there I was thinking we were getting away from technology for the day.

It is certainly worth popping into the museum for a visit, and the Skylanders will be around until 2nd March - and everything is free - which is always a good thing.

No wonder the parents were smiling today.

Happy Children With No Cost!

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