Wednesday 12 February 2014

I Love A Moisture Rich Face

Before I began blogging, I may have dabbled a little bit in the old skincare area, but to be honest, I wasn't fully concerned that my then fast-approaching-thirty-skin wasn't cleansed or moisturised properly every day.

I had the odd "worry moment" of course:

~ Would the wrinkles come tomorrow?
~ Would I wake up with a huge breakout of spots?
~ Would my makeup cover my scaly, dry nose properly?

 but nothing substantial enough to make me alter my bad habits on a long term basis.

But my oh my - how things change in just a few little months.

Looking at all the lovely products bloggers review and love has totally made me want in on the beautifying action.

I just love trying out all the different lotions and potions now, and I even find myself buying things that I like the look of before I've finished the ones I already have.

* Shock Horror *

Having smooth soft skin, particularly on my face, is brilliant and kind of important these days - probably because I have actually hit the big three zero and have realised that disgusting flaky, dry skin won't simply solve itself.

Plus getting older has just stressed that those all dreaded, all feared WRINKLES are actually an immanent issue.

And prevention is cheaper than the cure, or so they say...

When I was approached by Farmaline to have a closer delve into their website offerings I obviously jumped at the chance.

Farmaline offer a wide selection of products developed by French skincare brands, as well as boasting an impressive on-line pharmacy service, where they stock a whole host of pharmaceutical bits and pieces, which they are further developing and bringing to the UK.

After having a good look through the website, I asked the lovely people at Farmaline for some of their expert advice in choosing a really good face cream - one that would help with the inevitable wrinkles, but would also really moisturise my skin - and I was given a very helpful nudge towards some brilliant looking products.

Very Helpful Customer Service Indeed - a bit of an online personal shopper for my face!

I was delighted when my parcel arrived containing all that I would need to work a little magic.

The "Main Act" inside this lovely box of goodies was this jar of hydrating face cream by Vichy.

I was immediately taken in by this product when I first read that the little jar of fantasticness would be a brilliant hydrator to the skin and would help to redensify it too...which I assumed meant that it would help to improve the overall appearance and texture of my face.

The cream is designed to not only leave a lovely soft glow on the skin, but it also helps to eliminate deep wrinkles by plumping them out.

Obviously at the moment, I don't have many "deep wrinkles", but I did certainly notice that my skin felt a whole lot smoother and looked a whole lot healthier right from it's first usage.

A small amount on the tips of my fingers gently rubbed over the face was all that was needed for silky smooth skin.

And value for money wise, the £20.48 for this 50ml jar isn't bad really - even if it was used twice a day, it's still going to last a while because not much is needed.

Also in my lovely gift box I found some fab samples from the Louis Wilder range - a Rederm Facial Creme, and some brilliant Eye Contour Creme.

My face is not only in for a bit of a moisture rich treat, but those wrinkles and the winter-induced dryness won't know what's hit them!

Farmaline have helped introduce me to some brilliant French skincare products, that I now absolutely love.

They offer such a wide range of items too - from diet supplements to skin cream, to baby shampoo to bandages...they even have skincare products for animals - pritty much most things possibly needed are there, all in the one place.

Oh - and their lip balm is grear too - one application in a morning left my winter-peeling lips soft and moisturised all day.

Even my very fussy son agreed to wear it to help "protect his lips from the cold" - and that is saying something.

UK delivery by Farmaline is £6.95 (or free if ordering over £75) and items will arrive within 48 hours if ordered before 3pm by DPD.

Visit Farmaline for yourself and see what you can find

*products provided for an honest review

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