Saturday 8 February 2014

It's All About The Hair Products

The second Saturday in the month?

This surely means that it's Dreaded Hair Wash Day...right?

OK - so maybe I'm really not quite as bad as that - leaving a month between hair's not something I do every month anyway...

I just have so much damn hair sat on top of my head that it's really the nightmare of all chores and a chore that I will hold my hands up and admit to putting off for as long as I can get away with.

One of my better hair days - thanks to my lovely hairdresser!
I've recently considered having the lot chopped off, but I'm just too much of a chicken.
And I think I'd really regret it if I did.

I've also thought about fringes quite a lot, but again, I've been put off by recently emerging photographs of myself sporting a quite horrific full fringe in my teens.

What I was thinking I'll never know.

Anyway, back to my "Horror Hair Wash Weekend".

It takes a good few hours from start to finish when I do my hair myself and I will use any product I can lay my hands on if I think it will make the task easier.

Last year I discovered Argan Oil (see here) which was amazing, but since then, I've added to my collection and I thought I'd show some of my favourite hair rescuers.

Now this Body Shop Beautifying Oil is probably most associated with smoothing away dry, flaky skin, rather than being a little hair aid.

However, surprisingly, it is suitable for body, face and hair - very versatile.

A little certainly goes a long way, and I use a few drops splashed onto the palms of my hands and then run it through my styled hair and it really gets rid of stray, flyaway hairs - and obviously, it smells amazing too.

However amazing, I do tend to use this oil more on my body at the moment, simply because whilst browsing around my local Tesco, I spotted this Schwarzkopt Got2b Styling Oil, and it has taken over in the hair smoothing stakes at the moment.

This Oil-licious hair oil is just brilliant.

A teeny bit rubbed onto the hands is enough to smooth through the whole lot of my hair - and there's a lot of it.

The oil adds shine and really perfects a style which is probably thanks to it containing my new best friend - the lovely Argan Oil.

Schwarzkopf recommend using the oil on damp hair before styling - which I don't do - or to use it once hair is styled to sleek the finished product - and I certainly find it amazing for doing this!

Plus, it doesn't make my hair greasy at all which a lot of other oily products have done in the past, so using it everyday is no problem - and I don't need to worry about fitting in extra hair wash days.


Another one of my little "perfects" is the VO5 Smoothly Does It Tame And Shine Spray.

This product is less of a spray and more a lovely smelling mist that just finishes off a hairstyle perfectly.

It really does eliminate any frizz or fuzz - which is a lifesaver with my thick busy hair - and it leaves hair beautifully shiny.

Plus it helps protect from heat damage - although again - this is another product I like to use to finish my hair off with rather than use it before styling.

Simply pull through the oil, spritz on the spray, and off I go.

There is a product I do use as it is recommended though, and that is this Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask - which was only £1 from the bargain isle at my local Asda .

After shampooing, I lather on a generous amount of this thick, gloopy cream and then leave it to work it's hydrating magic for as long as possible.

Then I wash it off, condition and style as normal.

I think it makes a real difference in the dryness of my hair and teamed with the rest of my Hair SOS kit, it helps make for an amazingly soft, un-fuzzy head of hair.

Products galore eh!

I'm not sure where I'd be without these though...well...I'd certainly have pritty huge hair, but maybe it wouldn't take so much time every wash if I cut them down a little.

But nope, that's not a possibility - the time I spend is definitely time that is required.

I bet you can see why I hate washing my hair all too often now

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