Thursday 6 February 2014

Decorations, a la Minecraft Style

I wouldn't say that I'm a strict parent or anything.

Obviously there are rules and expectations that I have, but on the whole I'm fairly lucky that my son is quite sensible and mature for his eight years.


there are times when my foot just simply has to be put well and truly down to the floor with an almighty THUMP.

And after a particularly "difficult" evening on Monday, the "No Technology Ban" was on a hardcore, three day enforcement - which included no Xbox; No iPad; no TV upstairs and 100% NO Minecraft playing.

For my eight year old, this was a punishment of the highest scale, unlike any he's seen before - but Mum meant business, and hats off to him, he took it very well.

However, tonight was the night that the ban was lifted


And thanks to Mr Nutcase the celebratory evening was made all the more special when the iPad was delivered back to my son, adored with one of their fabulously personalised cases.

My son absolutely loved this and off he went, case in hand, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

I designed it all myself via the website and I found it really easy and straightforward to do.

There are lots of case options available depending on the make and model of your device; on the budget you have; whether you want a pre-designed picture or to design your own.

Options to suit everyone.

I uploaded different images from the internet and saved them to my computer, then uploaded them to Mr Nutcase, before, very simply, positioning them where I wanted to see them on the finished product.

There's no fuss moving things around and editing before you commit to buy either, so the product you purchase is exactly what you want.

And it really was as easy as that.

My finished Ultra Lightweight Slimline Case is great and retails at £24.95 with free worldwide delivery...and I even received a free screen protector too.

Good Stuff.

My only niggle was that one side of the case failed to clip around the top of the iPad properly - no matter how much I tried, or how many times I took it off and re-jigged it, the clip just wouldn't stay "clipped".

It's by no means a massive issue, and I can still use the fab looking case - I very much intend to too - I'll just need to make sure that it is extra carefully taken care of so that the whole case doesn't fully pop off.

Which isn't a bad thing, seeing as it does hold quite an expensive piece of technology!

Because the rest of the case fits so perfectly - the holes for the camera, speaker, power button etc - are all in the exact right places - I can't see this tiny flaw being a design fault - it's just one of those things!

Anyhow, as soon as the people at Mr Nutcase themselves found out about the "issue", they emailed me pronto and a brand new, perfectly good "clippy" case is on it's way to me right this second.

The "issue" wouldn't have stopped me visiting Mr Nutcase in the future, not one little bit, but now I've experienced their fantastic, speedy customer services for myself I just know I shall be visiting again for sure!

What brilliant case designs can you come up with?

*product provided for an honest review

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