Monday 3 March 2014

A Sunday Mini Boots Buy

Just a little mini post today - I'm off to Slimming World shortly to face the music of those horrible scales.


Slimming is hard work when good food and chocolate is around in the world to tempt's just so blooming nice.

Anyway, I've drifted off of the topic ever so slightly - food does that to me you see.

Yesterday, although I can't really afford it with the impending, extortionate car fixing costs waiting in the wings, I took a little trip into Boots and made a purchase or two from their 3 for 2 offer.

I figured it would just be plain rude not to really.

However, as you can see, something a tad more expensive slipped into the basket too, but I've wanted it for ages now - ever since the lovely Yuna convinced me to get foundation colour matched at the Harvey Nichols event we went to a while back (here) in fact - so, I bought it.

And 'it' is this very prettily boxed Clinique Stay Matte Foundation.

And as you can see, I simply had to have the correct foundation application tools to use the lovely £22 foundation with, hence my purchase of the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush also.

Oh and two Barry M Nail Paints - well - my nails are still in need of TLC and naturally they were only bought simply to take advantage of the Boots offer... 



The Clinique foundation is just brilliant.

I've been using a little tester pot of it (obviously not everyday!) since the Harvey Nics event and although it looks a little dark on the back of my hand, it is perfect to help add a little bit of a warmer tone to my face - without me looking like I've been tangoed.

It covers brilliantly - goodbye blemishes - and it stays put all day - even after a stressful eight hour day sorting out eleven and twelve year old children.

What more could you ask for.

And it has to be said that I really do love my Real Techniques Blush Brush, but I was slightly confused with which foundation brush would be best for me to buy to be honest.

I knew that I really wanted something from Real Techniques, but because the bristle shape looks so different on this to other liquid foundation brushes I have seen before, I was a tad confused, so I figured the best person to get advice from would be the Real Techniques lady herself.

I watched a very informative tutorial video of Samantha Chapman using, and telling me all I needed to know about the product and that was it - I was totally sold.

This brush is perfect.

The bristles are firm yet lovely and soft on the skin, and they are perfect for blending and making sure the liquid foundation is evenly covering the face.

The brush can be swirled around, rubbed upwards, moved downwards - anything really - in order make sure the foundation is perfect and there are no embarrassing "streaky face" moments to worry about.

Put these two products together and they make for a pritty amazing combination - well worth that little splurge in my opinion.

The only thing now, is that I have a few new things on my "Must Buy List":

A Clinique concealer and a Real Techniques Lip Brush...

I can see a slight beauty addiction occuringing here I think

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