Saturday 1 March 2014

Nilaqua Waterless Shampoo

It's certainly no secret that I absolutely despise washing my hair - it's my Number One Nightmare Chore.

Dry shampoo is naturally one of my best friends and I struggle without it, but when Great Supplies offered me the chance to try their Nilaqua water less shampoo, well, it was impossible for me to say no.

I mean this could be the hair revelation I'd been searching for!

Great Supplies are a little bit of a "one stop shop", mainly stocking medical supplies for hotels, nurseries and the health care industry.

They are hoping to branch out a little and bring more of their low cost products to the individual consumer.

The packaging of the shampoo was a little plain for me really, but it did it's job and was really informative and never one to be put off, I waited for the most opportune time to give it a good old try ie. when my hair was l-o-n-g overdue a good wash.

The best time to test it's de-greasing capabilities.

Now, I don't really know what I expected from this product, but I wasn't all that bowled over by it at first to be honest.

Perhaps it was just that I was a little surprised that it was a liquid and not a dry powder/spray which I am used to with "no wash" shampoos, meaning that I would still need to dry and straighten my hair after I had used it.

Which is the hair-ritual part that I hate, and dread the most.

Anyway, once I had come to terms with the fact that I would still need to style my hair from scratch after all, I followed the instructions and lathered on the shampoo - it was just like water - and rubbed it into my hair, concentrating on the really greasy roots, and then I towel dryed it.

It did sort of feel as though I was applying nit lotion I must admit...the joys of being a Mum - things remind you of the nicest scenarios.


....once I had brushed and blow-dryed my hair again, the apple scent of the Noaqua started to come through and the greasiness of my hair was definitely gone, which was great and just the result I was looking for.

Despite my initial reservations, Noaqua does work, but I think with my hair being so long and thick it doesn't really suit me.

It seems that I need to adopt an "All or Nothing" discipline to keeping my hair clean:

ALL - I properly wash, condition, oil, dry and straighten my hair completely from scratch - using water


NOTHING - I just leave the liquid products well alone and spray on the dry shampoo instead for a really quick, no fuss hair fix

Or then there is my favourite option I suppose:

The Hairdresser Option - pop into my local hairdressers and get someone else to do all of the hard work for me.

Even though Noaqua wasn't entirely for me, it doesn't mean that it wouldn't suit other people with different hair types and lengths to me.

It could prove to be a God send on camping holidays or for the upcoming festival season for example.

In fact, my Hubby, who has quite long hair (for a boy), that goes really fuzzy if he drys it, has found the product great.

He just rubs a little bit into his hair and then off to work he goes with clean, apple smelling hair that he lets dry naturally, which helps with the frizz.
It is a really easy option for him which he can do quickly before he runs out of the door at 6am.

Plus the bottle is a fairly small 200ml and isn't big or bulky which would certainly help with transporting it about.

Great Supplies also sent me a box of complementary lilac rubber gloves, which are quite useful to have around the house - especially with a sister who often requires help with very messy hair dye situations.

My son also found his own entertaining use for the gloves...

However I don't really think we were supposed to be using them for this purpose....

But boys will be boys.

And things really do suit us all in very different ways... :)

*products sent in exchange for an honest review

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