Wednesday 2 April 2014

Green #rainbownailsblog

So this week, we have a change of hash-tag for the project - we are now #rainbownailsblog and my totally un-adventurous delve into Kel's project had me thinking all "green".

And what a better way to explore a green nail week than with another lovely little bottle of Barry M Hi-Shine colour that I picked up a little while ago in the fab Boots 3 for 2 offer.

I really do love everything about this fab green colour.

I love it's little name: "Green Berry"

I love it's ease of application and how great it covers the many, many nail imperfections that I unfortunately have.

I love it's amazingly glossy finish.

And most of all I love how lovely it makes my nails look.

I would recommended this polish to anyone.

I never thought a green nail would really be my thing, but now I've seen this and used it, even if I was absolutely amazing at nail art - which we all know I'm so very not - I think I would still keep this colour very plain and simple.

Just let the polish do it's own talking

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