Friday 4 April 2014

Hi-Tec for 2014

Thinking back to my younger years, it seemed us youngsters followed each other no matter what, and I can certainly remember there being a school stage where what we all wore didn't really seem to matter that much.

The only "label" that was a "must" was NaffNaff and it seemed quite acceptable to own tango orange coloured jeans, silky tango orange coloured shirts and then wear them together with total pride...or was that just me...hmmmm - I just pray there were never any photographs....!

But then, a few years later, I seem to remember hitting a certain age and everyone simply had to own the branded clothes.

Everything had to be adorned with the most expensive label around, and if it wasn't, well, you were laughed out of the playground.

Back in those days you certainly wouldn't be "allowed" to wear any of the slightly less expensive brands, such as Hi-Tec, regardless of them being nice or not ...but why not?

I find myself asking this now, now I am all grown up with a sense of how ridiculous it all was back then.

And nope, I've still no idea.

Especially when the Hi-Tec-ness on offer is as lovely and as expensive looking as the contents of this brown box that landed through the door for me today.

I mean, come on, actually how fantastic and professional do these running trainers look.

They are part of Hi-Tec's Haraka Lightweight Running Shoe range, suitable for both men and women, and this silver grey and blue women's version retails at £34.99.

I'm sure even the snobbiest of playground kids wouldn't have found a fault with a shoe as lovely as these.

I just love them - I kind of just stared at them for a few moments when I first opened the box and then I gave a little "Ooooohhhh" whilst they sat, staring up at me and I'll admit it, I was a little shocked at just how nice they were.
It was a little bit unexpected to be honest.

Grabbing one, I spun around and shoved it under The Husband's nose and squeeled - yes, it WAS an actual squeal - "Look at these!!"

They are really fab.

The colours are lovely and the material is slightly textured and is really good quality.
I have an old pair of trainers of a different brand that I paid a small fortune for, and these are exactly the same in quality - if not slightly better.

I can't wait to get them on my feet.

In fact, I didn't wait and whipped them on straight away.

They fit perfectly and are really lightweight and comfortable.

They are going to be perfect to help me get my running mojo back on.

Running - here I come.

And so it would seem, judging by these, that Hi-Tec certainly are the way forward

*Product provided for an honest review - photographs & thoughts are all my own

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