Tuesday 15 April 2014

Pledge One Hour This Easter

So it was Day One of the Easter holiday yesterday, and what did I spend it doing?


Apart from sitting on the sofa, drinking tea and relaxing that is.

And it was blooming fantastic.

Fantastic for me that is, but that sort of thing is not so fantastic for an eight year old boy.
Sitting around for him is just the ultimate in boring, but thankfully his friend was at home, so they spent the best part of the day playing outside in the sunshine, burning off some energy - so we both won really.

But there's no way that either of us want, or need, to spend the next two weeks slobbing out and doing the same old thing day in, day out - but what on earth do we do?

And more to the point, what on earth do we do that doesn't cost an absolute fortune, because I for one know just how expensive the holidays can mount up to be.

I mean a simple trip to the cinema, just for the two of us, amounted to the best part of £30 the last time we went, and this expensive cost of days out is obviously an issue many parents struggle with.

A recent study commissioned by the Weekend Box Club illustrated just how much of a problem such things can be.

The study results showed that around 40% of the 1,100 parents asked, manage to spend less than one hour of quality time per day with their children, which sounds quite shocking really, especially when it is then realised that 73% of this number is created simply because parents have no access to resources or ideas about what to do or where to go with the kiddies.

Crazy Eh!

As a Mum myself I can really relate to this - what's on, where is it on, is it expensive - these are all aspects that need to be considered before you even make it out of the door and get stuck in to the fun.

However, I also know just how important, precious and valuable the time with the little ones is.

I love nothing more than heading out and giving my son lots of new things to see and do, because lets face it, if I - his Mum - aren't prepared to do these things with him then who will?

And I want him to have as many fun, exciting and different experiences under his belt as possible whilst he is still young and carefree.

This is something the Weekend Box Club founder Andy Stephenson recognised when he put his head together with the National Trust and Project Wild Thing to come up with the idea of #pledgeonehour

#Pledgeonehour consists of a new website set up especially for the Easter weeks in order to provide parents with lots of ideas and activities - all absolutely FREE - across the UK, so that they can get involved in things and try to improve the amount and the quality of time spent having fun with their children.

Obviously very intrigued, I had a peek on the website myself, and found it really user friendly and simple to access.

There are days out listed on there, art and crafty ideas - for when the British weather typically turns rainy - as well as fun baking and cooking ideas.

There's certainly something for everyone to enjoy.

Make sure you go take a look and make the most of the free time you have over the Easter break:

Enjoy the mix of fun and games with loved ones, and help make Easter 2014 a real family, fun-filled occasion

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