Wednesday 28 May 2014


I find it really strange how nine or so months of blogging can change the way I view certain situations.

Of course, for me personally a lot of this revolves around really positive things.
There are all of the improvements that I have made to my beauty regime, to my make up bag and even to my wardrobe.

I am enabled so very, very easily.

But there's also the other side of things.

The side I'm sure we can all relate to - the side involving copying.

Or as I am calling it today - Copy-Cats.

I've been in Copy-Cat situations on a few occasions before - all of them before my blog was around, by people who are not apart of the "blogging world" at all, and in those days, the thought of being deliberately "copied" really used to annoy me.

Instances of wearing an outfit on a night out - quite an "out there" kind of an outfit too - one I had planned specifically knowing that it would be quite individual - only to see it on a friend a few weeks later, those kind of deliberately "copied" situations used to annoy me.

And I'm talking an outfit that I knew I would be hard pushed to find anyone else wearing, one that I had planned and searched for for ages to get just right, one that I wore for an outing and felt absolutely fantastic in...

Yep - that kind of outfit copying.

But of course, I didn't mention anything, why would I be so petty, it could have been a total coincidence...


Or there are those times that you offer up a piece of seemingly trivial information during a conversation, but something that is factual none the less and it really adds to the content of the discussion you're involved in.

Don't get me wrong - it's more likely to have something to do with hair washes with me, rather than be about anything political, but still - it is useful at that moment.

But then months, maybe even years later, during a similar conversation, that exact piece of advice you delivered is thrown into the mix, by someone else - but that someone else was there the last time round, but they are making sure they are taking all the credit for the knowledge and wisdom this time...

And now, as I'm getting older, there are tiny instances of Copy-Cats that steps a little into things like home decor - picking photo frames or even deciding upon different colour schemes for the bedroom.

You put an idea out there or add an opinion of choice to then find that two weeks later, others now have the exact same thing you talked about getting for yourself.

Is it fair to have been a bit miffed at this?

Either way these things used to grate on me so much.

I absolutely hated it.

But I'm finding that I don't hate it so much anymore.

Not now that I have my "blogging eyes" to look through anyway.

~ So what if someone finds my style Oh-So-Amazing (ha - yeah right!) that they want to borrow it?

~ So what if my ideas and "visions" are just that fantastic (!!) others want to follow?

~ So what?

I find it quite flattering.

I mean I have enough "oh that blogger has this amazing dress/pair of shoes/lipstick/primer I must have it" moments myself these days, and isn't that the same kind of thing.

It's not a bad thing really is it...

On occasion at least - we don't want any total lifestyle clones popping up out there.

So, I think I should view the whole thing with a "If I'm good enough to be copied then that's fine by me" kind of an attitude.

Blogging is certainly changing my perceptions that's for sure

*Featuring my very own two Copy-Cats: Mario & Peaches

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