Monday 26 May 2014

Haworth And Rose & Co.

I thought I'd quickly throw a little bit of a post together to let you know how I spent my Bank Holiday Monday today.

Bank Holidays have sort of lost their "Oooh it's a day off work" novelty a little bit for me I must admit.

Not because I love my job so much that I want to spend every second there - oh no - just because bank holidays almost always seem to be tagged onto a half term holiday, and working in a school, I have them off of work anyway.

What does excite me though, is the fact that this bank holiday has an added four weekdays and two weekend days away from work tagged onto it for me.

~ Shall I just shut up now ~

Anyway, today we had my son's friend with us for the day, and we went along to a play gym in an attempt to keep them occupied for a while - we also made sure that we fed them there too, but we didn't stay long.

Who wants to stay inside on a lovely warm day like today?

None of us did anyway, so we decided to take a little trip to Haworth.

Now I haven't visited Haworth for so many years and was really looking forward to it.

It's just so pretty.

We had a little wander around "Oooh-ing" (just me!) at all the loveliness we saw and commenting at how nice it would be to actually live there (my son!).

Especially when it was discovered that there were brilliant rewards of bubblegum ice-cream waiting at the top of the hill in the fantastic, traditional sweetie shop.

Being as lovely as I am, I let the boys enjoy their ice-cream whilst I edged over the cobbles to have a peaceful wander around the fabulous Rose & Co. - somewhere I've never had the pleasure of visiting before.

I lingered over all of the beautiful vintage looking dresses, wishing my budget was higher and that I had the style to carry some of them off.

They were just beautiful.

I them wandered aimlessly around and around all of the wonderful smelling, very visually appealing soaps, bath bombs and beauty products.

The ice cream soap was just fantastic - it smelt as though it should be able to be eaten.


I was completely and utterly spoilt for choice and wanted so many of the lovely things, that despite walking around the shop a few times, I didn't actually end up buying anything!

Which I am greatly regretting now....

I was very taken by a teeny, cute little jar of hand cream in the most gorgeous smelling Lemon Bon Bon scent ever...unfortunately I could only find the tester pot on the shelf and the shop was so busy I didn't want to disturb anyone.

Next time though - this little jar of amazingness shall be mine!

I'll certainly not be leaving my next Haworth Visit so long next time

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