Wednesday 14 May 2014

My Marie Belle Fav's

I'm certainly a lady who likes her fancy handbags and amazing accessories.

The more the merrier is all I can say.

So when I stumbled across the new Leicester based company Marie Belle on Twitter recently, I couldn't resist having a browse at their website.

And as per usual, any "little browse" I plan on having of anything remotely fashion related turned into half an hour of "Oooh I'd like that".

So rather than waste my findings, I thought I would share them - well why not - and so I put together
My Little Marie Belle Wish List.

Jewellery is always a great place to begin for me, and this website has lots of lovely pieces to offer, but I know I don't need any kind of extra temptation to be adding more items to my collection, so, I avoided the jewellery, making this particular browse all about the handbags.

I mean come on, who doesn't love a good handbag?!!

Marie Belle offer a range of great styles, my favourite three of which are detailed below. 

I love the colour of this bag - the Mia Large Coral Satchel (£24.99).

With it being a fab neutral shade, it will go with just about anything and everything I may decide to wear over the coming months.
Plus, because it is so large I could simply throw everything into it and be fully set and prepared for the day.

Perfect for work.

I really love the structured shape of this bag - the Gina Black Shoulder Bag (£24.99).

It's a really classic design and would undoubtedly smarten up any outfit.

It is defiantly an easy bag to dress up - for a swanky dinner perhaps - or down - maybe for a day filled with shopping.

And last but by no means least, this cute pastel shoulder bag has to be in there with my fav's too - the Rosie Mini Nude Satchel (£12.99)

I think the colour is just perfect for spring and I could certainly see me teaming this with some cute summery dresses and sandals as the weather warms up...if the weather warms up that is...

Fingers Crossed.

Whilst I could have found a perfect use for the majority of the bags on the website, I think sticking to a top three is sensible - well, my bank account reckons so anyway.

Pop over to Marie Belle yourself and take a little peek:

MBGEEK10 will get you 10% off at the checkout too...

...Not that we ladies really need any extra incentive to shop for handbags that is...!

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