Friday 9 May 2014

Curly, Curly Hair

So yes, our blogger holiday in Arnside was quite a while ago now, but to set the scene of today's blog post, I need to reminisce about it a little bit more.

And why on earth not eh, it was a fantastic few days (see here) - I'll be keeping it in mind as long as possible.

Anyway, imagine this:
On the Saturday evening, half the girls are dotted around the apartment, getting ready for a night at the pub, the other half are tensely huddled in the living room watching the footie (yes - the footie!) on TV, and then in walks the very lovely Sharon, all ready to go with her lovely hair all curly and fantastic.

I'll admit, I had a bit of a jealous moment because, even though my hair is naturally wavy, I just have to make sure I keep it poker straight and I use my straighteners every day.

I've wanted to "embrace the curls" for so long now, but every time I try, it just ends up a huge frizzy disaster - and I can't deal with huge, fuzzy hair.

I just had no idea what the best products to use were to create the look I wanted.

That is until Sharon helped me out and steered me towards a few essential must-haves from Boots.

And what was even better, I think they cost about a pound each.


So one afternoon, feeling brave, I washed, conditioned and de-tangled my mop of hair as usual and then under Sharon's very helpfully tweeted directions, I scooped up a small amount of the pink Curl Creme, rubbed it into my hands and pulled it gently through my hair.

Having tonnes of thick hair, I had to do this a few times until my hair was coated properly.

The creme has a nice, really subtle scent and wasn't sticky or gunky at all.

I was impressed.

Then it was styling gel time.

Again, I scooped up a little bit of this - there was no real scent to it at all - and then rubbed it into my hands and simply scrunched it into my damp hair to try and encourage some sort of wave to appear.

And appear they did.

Very subtlety

I found though that the next day, once I had wet my hair slightly and scrunched a little more of the styling gel into it, the curl creme came to life again and began to work it's magic a second time round - and if anything - it worked even better than the day before, creating loads of curly waves.

There was no product build up either, so no need to wash my hair every day - thank goodness.

After being a straight hair fan for so, so long and being so scared of the fuzziness, I'm very pleased to be embracing the Au Natural look a little bit.

And with no un-wanted volume, no horrible frizz and no real "dragged through a hedge backwards" look.

Achieved very cheaply too which is even better!

Thanks lots to Sharon and Thanks lots to Boots

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