Friday 23 May 2014

Natures Healthbox Skincare

Moaning and groaning about my increasingly spot infested skin won't improve it, so I must become pro-active in the spot fighting process and actually get something done about it.

I had a little moan on Twitter a while ago - so not like me I know (*ahem*) and some lovely ladies suggested that I try using more natural skincare products in a bid to help my skin.

Which is advice I 100% intended to take.

So just imagine how pleased I was when Natures Healthbox contacted me and offered to send me some goodies.

Very pleased indeed.

Natures Healthbox began it's life in August 2012 and now offer a whole host of completely natural, organic and ecologically friendly products suited to men, women and children alike.
From skincare and beauty items to food and cleaning products, Natures Healthbox are a real one stop shop for those looking to take control of their health; cater for a dietary requirement or become more conscious of the damage being done to the planet.

I contacted the company and asked for a little bit of their expert advice on my spotty face and they were so helpful and really lovely.

Lovely enough to send me this little lot

Now when I was younger I suffered with psoriasis quite badly - particularly on my elbows, knees, scalp and finger nails (I even lost a few - yak I know!)  but thank goodness that's not the case anymore.

However my skin does still get quite dry, especially the knees and elbows, and this could be a knock on effect from the condition.

My crammed hamper from Natures Healthbox contained lots to help me sort my scaly, drying skin out, including some Lovea Hand Cream, some Benecos Q10 Day Cream, some Barefoot SOS Face And Body Rescue Cream and some Salcura Body Hydrator.

Let's dig in.

I'm always on the search for amazing face moisturisers so was really keen to try this Benecos one out.

And lets just check out that packaging for a second - I mean come on - what's not to love about that.

Very Pretty

I found this cream really lightweight and easily absorbed.
It had a really subtle scent too - nothing too strong.

I applied it to my face and massaged it in, mainly on an evening after I had cleansed, and found that a real tiny amount left my face smooth and silky-feeling for the whole of the next day.

I did think it left a little bit of stickiness on my hands after using it though, but still, I loved it.
Plus it has anti-ageing properties...which made me love it a whole load more.

Now the Lovea Hand Cream, I must admit, I wasn't a fully fledged fan of.

The packaging was nice and bright and the cream moisturised brilliantly but I'm not a huge fan of the Shea Butter scent.
This side of the product didn't appeal to me personally at all - but if you like Shea butter, you'll love this.

I only needed to use a small amount and it rubbed into the skin really nice as it was so lightweight.

My hands felt soft for ages afterwards.

The Barefoot SOS Cream was an extremely handy size to just throw in my bag for a bit of "on the go" moisturising.

It is suitable for use on both the face and body, especially for people with severe skin conditions.

My scabby knees didn't stand a chance!

The cream was a lot heavier than the others but this allowed for some real hardcore moisturisation to occur.

I loved it's scent too - really strong, sweet and kind of natural smelling - if that makes any sense.

Now the Body Hydrator was just amazing - it smelt great...a really clean smell - it applied easily, was really rich and absorbed fantastically into the skin.

Most importantly, my knees and elbows were left without a patch of dryness.


Now that's a whole lot of moisturiserisation crammed into one post - I really think I'm kitted out with soft supple skin for the next year or so with all of those.

However, none of them helped to tackle my spotty skin problems, which is why the fifth item sent to me is probably the one I was in most need of - the Salcura Antiac Activ Liquid Spray.

I noticed on the box that this product has featured on the TV show Embarrassing Bodies before, so I certainly had high hopes for it.

Following the instructions, I squirted a few sprays onto my hand and then rubbed it into the problem areas on my spotty face - being my cheek and chin.

I know these pictures are quite YAK but they really give an idea of what horribleness I was up against.

Now the spray coated the area really well and it dried almost instantly - no waiting for it to dry before the make up went on.

After a few weeks of using the spray, I could really see a difference.

Spots have reduced, redness has reduced and I feel a whole lot happier with my skin now than I did before.

Don't get me wrong, it is no miracle cure and my skin isn't perfect (yet), but a slow improvement is certainly better than no improvement at all.

Thanks again to Natures Healthbox for my lovely beauty goodies

The website is really cute and pretty too - I really suggest you pop over for a look.

Fab Totally Natural Skincare

*products sent to me for an honest review - thoughts & photos are all my own

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