Sunday 18 May 2014

Nude Nails by Tony Moly

I've really missed having pretty nails this week with #rainbownailsblog now sadly over.

I haven't put any effort into keeping my nails looking lovely at all.

And I really need to sort it out.

Which is why I was so pleased yesterday, when Kelly and I set off on another one of our recently increasing train jaunts over to Leeds, that she very kindly produced three very nude, foundation collection nail polishes from her Mary Poppins style bag of tricks.

One polish of which was for me.

I don't own any nude-y nail colours, so when offered to me, I chose the lightest out of the three because, having a darker skin tone, the other two looked a tad too skin-similar for me.

Feeling brave and eager to try the colour out, I decided to paint my nails on the train journey.

I decided I didn't fancy turning up to a beauty event with naked nails - *oh the horror*!

Anyway, this polish - by Korean brand Tony Moly - applied brilliantly.

Easy, no streaks, no fuss and minimal smell.


Obviously I couldn't read the instructions on the back of the bottle - with them being written in Korean - but I thought it looked really pretty.

After two coats on each nail, I was left with this:

A really un-fussy, natural, slightly peachy/pink colour which I absolutely love.

Perfect for sunshiny days - like today!

I think I need to be checking out more of the offerings from Tony Moly

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