Tuesday 10 June 2014

Tropic Skincare

The word "elixir" makes me immediately think of Harry Potter.

Yep - I know I'm a total book geek, but I think in this instance it's less to do with my love of reading and more to do with the word, very simply, sounding like a magical concoction of some sort.

When I first discovered Tropic Skincare I was a little swept away with just how many amazing products they have on offer.

The brand began, when in 2004, founder Susan Ma (then aged fifteen), began selling jars of homemade body polish at her local market in an attempt to eventually make enough money to buy her Mum a new home.
Over the past ten years, the brand has grown, developed and progressed - even having a starring stint on "The Apprentice" in 2010 - so much so that in 2014 Tropic Skincare had a £3million turnover.


Browsing the website, I spotted the Organic Facial Elixir Oil and - well - you can imagine how excited I was can't you.

I mean 'elixir' does sound like some sort of magical potion doesn't it...

And a 'magical potion' for the skin?...I couldn't just let that pass me by now could I...

Especially when it is described as being able to "improve skin elasticity, giving noticeably smoother, more supple and youthful skin in just four weeks!".

I certainly needed to try me some of this - it sounded fab - and just what my disgusting, spotty face needed.

Who knew, this elixir may even be the exact blend of "magic" I'd been searching for...
(cheesy or what!)

The fantastic people at Tropic Skincare sent me this beautiful package - including the Elixir Oil (*excited face*) - along with even more of their fantastic goodies - a very pretty Blushing Sculpting Palette and Angled Face Brush and a lovely sunshine yellow balm.

Lucky devil aren't I.

Even luckier when I actually got to grips with everything - especially the 'magic potion' oil.

Everything about the Elixir Oil is just blooming amazing - even the fancy-pants bottle and pretty little silver teardrop screw cap lid are a tad special.


Cute packaging is very much the way forward in my opinion - it certainly hooks me every time anyway.

I just couldn't wait to use it - and I didn't - I opened it that very same night.

On an evening, after removing my makeup and cleansing my face, I put a few drops of the oil - about five or six - onto my hands and massage it into my face and neck in gentle yet firm, upward strokes (got to try stop the old gravity taking it's toll in any way possible).

I've never used an oil on my face before and I must admit, I was a little bit concerned about it fueling my spot issues and making them worse.

I didn't need to worry though - the next morning, my face was no spottier and it wasn't greasy or oily at all.
It was a whole lot softer and more 'touchable' though - and that was after just one night.

I loved it.

I have made the elixir oil a part of my nighttime routine everyday for about two weeks now and it really is a little bottle of yellow magic.

~ My skin is so much softer and feels a lot more supple than before

~ The problem skin - in particular on my cheeks - has improved no end.  The spots are all but gone

~ My face looks a whole lot healthier than it did before

How fantastic - and that's only after fourteen days - I can't wait to see how I will look in another two weeks.

My face has never been so happy - certainly a case of "Magic Managed" I think.

Accompanying my fab elixir oil in the box was this lovely little mirrored face sculpting palette and super-soft angled face brush.

The palette is made up of three different face powders, each one designed to aid a different aspect of the sculpting process to add definition to the face, helping create "a dewy glow".

The angled face brush is super-duper soft on the skin and the angled bristles really help to perfect and accentuate the face fantastically.

I'm not usually one to attempt to "sculpt" the face, mainly because I've always been quite rubbish at makeup application, but now, because I have these fantastic tools, I had to give it a try.

I found that I'm slightly addicted to rubbing the bristles of the brush over and over - and over - my face (yep it really is that lovely) and this cute, easy portable compact comes with very helpful, clear, easy to follow instructions on the reverse of the box - so even I know what I'm doing.

All three powders are really subtle and can be easily built up if a darker colour is required.

I really love it and can't wait until I'm a dab hand at this sculpting business.

And if all of these treats weren't enough - there was even more.

I found this very yellow Lip Love balm in the box too.

This little pot contains shea butter, coco butter, lemon, orange and peppermint in a lovely nourishing, moisturising blend.

The peppermint scent is really prominent too and is very lovely and fresh.

It certainly does a fab job at moisturising my lips and helps give them some amazing poutability... but it can also be used on the nails, elbows and heels too.

Some versatile multi-purpose moisturising, which is now housed permanently in my handbag.

I'm sure you can see now why I'm a little bit in love with Tropic Skincare at the moment.

And see what you can fall in love with

*products sent to use, test and review - all words, opinions and pictures are 100% my own

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