Thursday 12 June 2014

Book Review - Finndragon's Den - Books One & Two

Books, Books, Books.

I keep trying to get my head back into them, but it's just not happening at the moment - there seems to be way too much make-up and way too many make-up brushes catching my eye at the moment to concentrate on anything else.

Saying that though, I have just beta read a fab book by an even 'fab-ber' author which is set to be released in the not too distant future.
(It's great!!)

And I have had a little bit of a Twilight craving to fix I did re-read the first book again recently.

So I suppose I am still reading aren't I...just perhaps not the things my book club lovelies need me to be reading.

Anyway, I'm missing posting about books but because I haven't really got a new book to review at the minute, I thought I'd share a story within two parts that I read a while ago.

One that I beta read....and my name is in the acknowledgements too...

*Claim To Fame*

Here goes - the two books are fantasy-magical-mystery type books - probably aimed more at teens and young adults rather than us thirty year olds.

Saying that though, I really did love them so I suppose if you like the particular genre then you'll love the books regardless of age.

The Legend Of Finndragon's Curse
Richie Earl

I absolutely loved this book.
It is a tale packed full of fantasy and magic and I really didn't want to put it down at all.
The plot explores the lives of three siblings who are magically transported into a medieval kingdom, where they find that have to fight an evil wizard in order to break his curse and save their missing father – all whilst racing against the clock.
The children encounter demons, powerful wizards, danger, death and love all throughout their adventure.
They find themselves overcoming obstacles and problems that they would never have dared to dream about in their usual, everyday, modern lifestyles.
All of the characters in this book are very well developed, and the plot has lots of exciting twists and turns.
The story is fast paced and a definite page turner – you really won’t want to put it down!
As an adult, I loved this book - I found myself genuinely feeling all of the emotions experienced by the characters and loved how emotion provoking it could be.
Obviously, this genre of book may not suit every adult, dependent on personal taste, but it was certainly right up my street and I would say it is suited 100% to teenagers and young adults.
But if you love a good story filled with magic and mystery then you're bound to love this.
** 5 Stars **

Return To Finndragon's Den
Richie Earl

I had the pleasure of being involved in beta reading this sequel story, and I absolutely loved it.
(This is the one that has my name in it too - woohoo!)
This story is a direct continuation of the first - no waiting around or 'filling in the gaps', it starts exactly where the last one left - which I really liked.
The siblings are back and find themselves, once again, being transported into the magical medieval world of Finndragon's Kingdom.
This time round however, a whole lot has changed and the children find that they must begin their adventures by familiarisng themselves with anything and everything totally unexpected.
What's more, the hunt to find their Father is still on - can they reach him this time and finally take him home?
~ Will they succeed?
~ Is time on their side?
~ Will the final battle prove too much for the young trio to handle?
All is reveled in this very captivating read.
I really did enjoy this story and how it brings back old favourite characters, but also introduces the new.
The magic and the mystery is ever present, whilst the plot is action packed throughout and full of unexpected twists and turns.
You are definitely left wondering, thinking and asking questions.
I would highly recommend this story - and it is a total must if you have read the first.
** 5 Stars **

I really hope you enjoyed my reviews, and that you enjoy the books even more.
Happy Reading

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