Sunday 6 July 2014

Di Palomo - Beautiful Body Products

So, yesterday I was stuck in a car at 4am in the morning, and travelled for four and a half hours.

So yes - let's just say I was a tad fidgety.

A tad grumpy.

And I had a pritty numb bum.

* P P f f f f f *

But - all was not lost.

No really - it actually wasn't.

It was all in aid of a fantastic event - which I'll let you know about soon.

And for all of those long hours spent travelling...all of those long, long hours...I smelt absolutely amazing.

I'm not ashamed in the slightest to admit that I kept having a little sneaky sniff of my forearm every now and again.
(Strange I know)

But Oh Yes - I really did smell that good.

And it was all thanks to these cute little packages from Di Palomo.

A lovely little lip balm and a fancy-pants bottle of dry oil in a beautiful wild fig and grape scent.

Now, I was totally surprised - but in a good kind of way of course - to receive products from Di Palomo that I could use on my body because I had it in my head for some reason that the company only made products to make the home smell fantastic - which they do, but that is only one aspect of what they stock.

As well as the candles, room sprays and fragrance reeds that I expected, there are also loads of goodies for the body too.

There are oils, balms, syrups - lots - and everything is arranged by fragrance - so if you find a scent you like, you can just get everything smelling of it.

My lovely duo of grapey goodness were fantatstic.

First up, there was this little pot - packaged very cutely with lots of attention to detail - of lip balm.

The colour is lovely - a swirl of a really deep red, grapey (duh!) kind of a colour.

It's not a "gloopy stick to your fingers all is lost" kind of a balm either, it's much firmer, and the scent is just lovely - certainly lots of fruity goodness, thanks to the grape and fig scents packed within.

Applying it was easy, a quick swipe across the top with my finger was enough to fully coat my lips with an extremely subtle colour, complete with the teensiest amount of a shimmer.

It wasn't sticky in the slightest and hours after putting it on, even long after the gloss had vanished, my lips felt really nourished and soft.

Good Stuff.

And then there was the bottle of arm-sniff-inducing body oil, which is really pretty and will make a very welcome addition to my dresser.

Spritzing the oil onto my body, I was surprised that it wasn't an oily oil at all - if that makes any sense...?

Let me explain a little bit - after I had applied it, my arms weren't greasy or shiny at all, they just felt smooth, soft and very moisturised.

And because my body wasn't a total oil slick, it meant that I was able to get dressed and touch things immediately.
No waiting for the oil to be absorbed into my skin before I could do anything.

Great Stuff.

Scent wise, oh it is just beautiful and it last for ages too, as does that lovely, soft skin feeling it brings.


And then I read that the oil can also be used as an intensive leave in hair conditioner too.

Cue slight excitement from me - I mean anything for the hair is very welcome by me.

I'll certainly be spritzing it onto my mop ASAP to try and tame this frizz

Thanks Di Palomo - I love my beautiful goodies.

Fig and Grape is definitely the way forward - it is beautiful

*products very kindly sent for consideration of an honest view - thoughts and pictures all my own

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