Monday 7 July 2014

Bundobust - Leeds

It seems that all I'm doing at the minute is eating, drinking and train-hopping over to Leeds.

Not that I'm complaining about any of this though, trust me.

It's fab.

And it's what I found myself doing again earlier last week so that I could attend and then talk all about the new Bundobust restaurant that's opened very close to the train station.

Bundobust have brought lovely Indian street food and copias amounts of craft beer together under the one roof and the combination seems to work brilliantly.

Food wise, it is those very talented people from Prashad that are responsible.

Bring a Bradford girl, I obviously knew all about Prashad and their amazing reputation - I mean they were on TV with none other than Gordan Ramsey for goodness sake - of course I knew all about them.

For some reason though, despite the restaurant being almost on my doorstep, I had never actually eaten there before - I can only put this down to the restaurant bring vegetarian and myself being a lover of meat.

Who knows, but I really think I've been missing out.

All of the alcohol on offer is the responsibility of yet another Bradford based company, this time The Sparrow pub - and again, despite never drinking there (where have I actually been?!) I have heard more fab things about them too.

What a combination to put together in Leeds City Centre.

And I'm so glad I experienced it before everyone else.

Bundobust is really quite simplistic in it's decor - it's really quite uber (am I cool enough to use that word?!) and trendy in a very minimalistic way - it fits in perfectly in Leeds.

Something slightly different and really memorable.
(as it turns out, an old school friend's company is responsible for kitting the place out too - Bradford Woodworkers - small world eh!)

First up - a little stop off at the bar was on the cards.

Be rude not to have been really...

The beer was pritty nice I must say...and that's coming from a person who doesn't usually drink the stuff!

I enjoyed "Half a Saltaire Gold" and could have easily had a few more.

Obviously, after drink there must ideally be some good food close by, and on the menu for the evening we had:

And my goodness - both dishes were just amazing.

I've never eaten vegetarian food before and I'm not quite sure what I expected, but this topped anything I could have ever imagined.

The flavours were outstanding.

Both dishes were brought to our table in little disposable pots with wooden spoons, which would be perfect for the "food on the go" option.

Each pot was crammed full too, so portion size gets a big thumbs up from me.

The Bhel Puri was a cold dish, slightly salsa-ish, with a real spicy kick to it.

It was just beautiful and so tasty.

Equally as YUM was the Spice and Rice, which was served warm

It too was lovely - I never imagined I'd be wanting mung beans days after I'd first ever tried them, but it really was that good.

I certainly didn't miss eating meat that's for sure.

I think my finished dishes speak volumes really -

My first experience of Bundobust was brilliant.

Great food, great drink, great people all in a very laid back and relaxed kind of an environment.

I mean, what more do you need....?

Thanks Bundobust - I'll certainly be back

*event attended with no cost to "test out" the new restaurant, pre-opening. Pictures and words are ALL my own

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