Friday 1 August 2014

Fuzzy Head, Be Gone!

Summer, Summer, Summer.

Oh how I blooming love it.

Sunshine, day trips, warmth, weeks away from work...I mean how could I not?!

It's fantastic

But actually, there is something about the summer and the warmth and all of that humidity that makes me shudder a little -  and it's my hair.

Now anyone who knows me will know that I have this mass of really long, really thick, slightly unmanageable hair that gets washed on occasion - when I can be bothered - and has even been known to cause me tears, tantrums and at times, all out full on breakdowns when it comes to trying to give it any kind of a style.

In the height of summer, when all you want is to look fab with lovely, glossy, luscious locks, I'm that person totally struggling as her hair gradually expands outwards - very Monica from Friends style, you know, that episode where she goes on holiday and her hair becomes that bad, that frizzy and that huge she just decides to nip off and have shell-adorned plaits put into it...

Yep - that's me.

Total problem hair.

I haven't quite resorted to the shells yet though, I'm still lathering on the de-fluffing hair products at the moment.

For the time being anyway.

One of the products I have been loving recently is something I actually fell a little bit in love many years ago - way back, before I really began to appreciate what a good hair product could do for me - and it was this, TIGI Bed Head Headrush

Thankfully, after a long time apart I am now reacquainted me with the brilliance that this is, and I'm so glad that they did because it's worked wonders on my hair during the spell of hot weather we've had recently.

Once my hair has been dried, styled, straightened, primed and preened, I find that a quick blast of this fine misted Headrush all over my hair really helps to smooth away any stray hairs and adds some quite fantastic shine to the finished look.

I love it.

It isn't heavy at all - you don't even notice that it's on - well, apart from the fab shine and the scent that is.

I really do love how it smells - it's amazing and it makes my hair smell just as fab.

This little "lovely scent" factor is helping me get through the planning stages of our upcoming family camping trip actually.
(Camping?  Me?  Eeek!)

I've never camped before you see - not ever - and I'm really anxious now about how I'll get on, but more so because I know I'll just look really terrible and really disgusting all weekend.

~ No electricity

~ No appliances

~ No mirrors


I'm really kind of banking on this little pink can seeing me through all of that though.

I want the stuff to not only keep my hair smelling fantastic all weekend - helping to disguise the fact that I'll have slept only centimeters away from lots of mud...and bugs...and yackiness - but that it will also help me look at least half presentable, with lovely shiny, frizz free tresses.

No pressure here Tigi - no pressure...

I want the whole experience - camping, outdoor make-up application, keeping the hair smooth - to act as a bit of a trail run for some plans I want to make for next year you see.

If Headrush can keep me looking - A-OK during this mini camping expedition, then surely it could help me get through attending a full on festival, mingling with all of the beautiful people....

...we shall see...time will tell...

But so far so good anyway - I really love the product - the smell of it alone is just fantastic and it is really helping me to tame this fuzzy head.

What's not to love!

Thanks TIGI

*PR sample product

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