Saturday 12 July 2014

It's Lush Time

It's been a while since I indulged my love of Lush with some amazingly fancy bath bombs, but seeing as how I was in Leeds (again!) earlier this week, and seeing as how I had a voucher to spend thanks to the amazing goody bag I was given by the fab Cohorted people (see here) there was just no stopping me really.

I walked in and walked out in minutes, with three pritty fancy looking bath bombs in my possession.

I used the first that very same evening - it smelt so sweet-like in the shop I just couldn't resist it.

And it was very pink.

And I do quite like pink.

Introducing The Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment - A Luxury Bath Product - oooh - I do like a little bit of luxury...

Now I know I said I bought three "bath bombs", but this wasn't exactly "a bomb" of sorts.

Following the instructions, I climbed into the bath and then popped this into the water.

Rather than the usual explosion of fizzing and whizzing around, this little lump of pinkness did actually just begin to "melt".

It fizzed really slowly, producing a lot of foamy, quite creamy and thick bubbles on the surface of the water as it did.

The water smelt really sweet and candy-floss like too - which will be the root from the marshmallow herb (trust me - it is a real thing!) that is within it.

My skin felt so lovely and soft - again, marshmallow herb is responsible for this too.

I did a little research you see (ie I used Google!) and the marshmallow herb has traditionally been used to soothe skin irritations - so the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment is great for sensitive skin types, and for kiddies too.

I really couldn't wait in the water until it had all melted away though - I think I'd still be there now.

It fizzed so slowly, which I suppose gives you a lot of product for your money (all £3.95 of it).

So I popped it onto the side of the bath and left it for the Hubby to use and enjoy too.

2-for-1 Lushness - Brilliant

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