Friday 11 July 2014

RARE14 - Romance Author & Reader Event 2014

I can't quite believe how fast time flies sometimes.

This time last week I was getting prepared for a lovely weekend away in Edinburgh (see here).

A whole week ago.

That is just crazy.

Apart from having a little sight-see, the main reason for heading to Scotland was so that myself and my lovely friend Nicola could totally geek it up at RARE14 (Romance Author & Reader Event 2014).

And geek it up we did.

For those who don't know, I am one slice of a fantastic book club - Orchard Book Club - and am very proud of my love of books - I was actually awake until 12.30am this morning, glued to one I had just picked up - it just couldn't be helped.

Last year we attended a book signing in London - which was fantastic (see here) but the sheer size of this Edinburgh one was immense - there were so many authors and fans in the one room, it was a little overwhelming at times.

It was amazing.

So we donned our Golden Apple T-Shirts (woohoo - they still fit almost a year on!) and as volunteers for the day, helped out the authors, making them feel as comfortable as possible throughout the five hour (!!!) event.

Now, my love for Amy Bartol holds no bounds - The Premonition Series is just brilliant (I'd highly recommend it for all Angel-lovers!) and The Kricket Series, judging by the book I can't seem to put down right now, is equally as fantastic.

After spotting her table, I had a little Fan-Girl moment, but pulled myself together enough to actually get two of her books signed.

(really kicking myself I didn't get the other three now though...!)

And I went all fan-crazy and even asked for a piccy

Yes - I was a very happy bunny for the rest of the day.

I met a lot of authors I had heard of but never read - and naturally I had to purchase their books to make sure I do read them soon.

There were some authors present that I had read and was really pleased to be able to put a face to their name...and their writing style.

Which is sometimes a strange experience - could this lady really write in that way...?

I love it.

I also love, love, loved having the opportunity to say "Hi" to Sylvia Day, who was naturally a huge hit.

Well, being the international best seller that she is, I don't suppose you could expect anything less really.

Obviously I have her books - and now I have her signature proudly etched across my all important kindle case.

* s i g h *

It was a good day.

After hearing lots of amazing things about event organiser and steamy author Adriane Leigh, I was really pleased to meet her too.

She was brilliant - and so funny...and yes, despite having her work on my kindle, I walked away with three of her signed books.

I just can't be controlled in this kind of an environment.

Adriane also helped organise a little surprise for the event attendees.

As it was an event for romance authors, the "Event Icon" amongst the ladies kind of became a male model...dressed in a kilt (well it was based in Edinburgh).

Stuart Reardon (who I must add went to the same High School as myself!) made an appearance and caused quite a stir amongst the ladies...

Adriane certainly made some fans this day.

It's great to have opportunities like this event, where it's acceptable to go a little crazy other something you know everyone else in the room is also going crazy over.

I can rave about a book character and know people won't be thinking "what a geek" in the back of their mind - everyone else there is raving about them too.


Naturally, I headed home from Edinburgh with a little collection of signed goodies, which always makes me happy

I can't wait for the next event...which is one the lovely Orchard Girls - as in me too - are putting on in Peterborough in March 2015 for a whole host of different genre of author.

I can not wait.

Yep - Book Geek and totally proud

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