Thursday 24 July 2014

Lee Stafford Hair Saviours

! Y A Y !

It's the first day of the summer holidays for me and the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I am sat in the garden topping up my (non-existent) tan.

~ B e a u t i f u l ~

However, what wasn't so beautiful was the fact that my oh-so-loving Hubby woke me up far too early on his way out to work this morning, rifling through all of my hair products until he found what he was after - something I thought I had hidden quite well from him too may I add - and then proceeded to spray it very lavishly, and quite loudly all over his mop of hair.

P F F f f f f t t

Now don't get me wrong - I'll gladly share my things - I'm not a total meanie - but both of the boys in my house have fairly long, quite wild hair and have now both decided that they absolutely love the smell of, and love the way that certain new products of mine hold their hair in place...therefore my love for them isn't getting a look in.

And the products that have us all fighting are these fab Lee Stafford hair sprays that I so happily found in my goody bag from the Blog Yorkshire meet I recently attended (here).

Both products are infused with Argan Oil all the way from Morocco and they have a really lovely, totally un-product like scent.

They're great, and very kindly, my boys have left the can of Anti-Frizz Serum Spray alone really.

I'm obviously allowed to use this one all on my own (Thanks boys!), which is just as well really because I absolutely love it.

The scent is great, and actually quite Moroccan (if that can be a scent) and it sprays on in a lovely fine mist but the effect it has on my hair is just fantastic.

I went to a party last weekend and fully straightened my almost-waist-length for the first time in ages.
(I'm getting really lazy and tend to just leave it naturally wavy more these days.)

I was a little worried about the humidity on the night though because my hair tends to just grow the hotter a room is, and it will expand outwards and upwards until it resembles cotton wool.

How beautiful.

But I shouldn't have worried at all.

All night - and even the day after through comments on photographs that were taken - my hair received so many compliments due to how shiny and healthy-looking it was.

I was amazed and certainly owe that all to this little red can of fabulousness.

Thank you Lee Stafford - I will be keeping this all for my very own.

The product I am seemingly having to share though, however reluctantly, is this can of Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Again, this applies in a really pleasant "Moroccan" smelling, very fine mist yet it holds fantastically, with no stickiness or yackiness at all.

I found that on my hair, probably because I only used a small amount, the hold was very natural and it didn't affect my hair's usual movement or feel in any way...which I was very pleased about.

On my son's hair however, the hold was a lot firmer - still natural with no stiffness - but noticeably firmer - maybe because I used quite a lot more on him than I did my own hair.

I never really used product on his hair before, but he has reached an age now (stop growing up so quickly!!) where he wants to have a hair style that fits in with all of his friends - gone is his long, curly "Harry One D" style hair do (sob!) - he now wants a shorter style - with a "quiff".

And a very specific kind of a quiff too, one which has to be hair sprayed and gelled just to make sure it stays put all day.

He really does hate the smell of hairspray usually too, which makes styling his hair a bit of a chore.

I think he has adopted this Lee Stafford one for himself because of this - it holds his hair in place just how he likes it and it smells really nice and very un-hairspray like too.

The hairspray has an eight year old fan.

The Hubby, as explained from this mornings episode, lathers the stuff on and just loves the fact that it keeps his long, usually unruly hair in one place all day.

He is also a fan of the fact that it has helped to stop his natural curls "fluffing up" during the day - which I informed him was to do with the Argan Oil within it.

~ Cue blank stare and an "eh" from Hubby at this point... ~

Anyway, whether they understand the formula and the magic behind the products or not, it seems I now have new competition over getting my hands on things in my home.

I really can't see these lasting all too long at all, so no doubt there will be some Lee Stafford purchases being made in the not too distant future.

Sorry again Mr Bank Balance...

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