Friday 25 July 2014


I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who can't seem to say no to a bargain.

I love a really good deal and like to think I'm getting my money's worth for the things that I'm buying.

I was contacted by the lovely people at Cosmetics Fairy - such a fab name don't ya think - (find them here) and was challenged by them to buy as much as I could from their site with as close to a £10 limit as I could.

Now even bargain-hunter-me knows that you are usually hard pushed to buy a whole lot of things - especially lippies and face stuff - for only a tenner.

But I was certainly up for the challenge.

Slightly more eager than I should admit really, I logged onto the website and fell a little bit in love with what I was seeing if I'm honest.

There were brands galore, and all on offer at a fraction of their usual retail price - happy days!

I'm thinking the packaging of the products may be from older stock ranges though - but I mean really, who's bothered about that?

Especially if you can add a Bourjois lipstick to your shopping bag for just 80p...I actually love the packaging of this lipstick too - it has a teeny little circular mirror on the bottom of it - which is verrrryyy useful.

So, after my little shopping frenzy, this is what I had delivered to my door - in really fast time too.

So much stuff.

We have numerous Bourjois bits (my fav and first port of call) including a cute eyeshadow-mirror-brush compact, a lipstick in "Brun élégant", a fab bright red "sweet kiss" lipstick and a no-chip dark grey nail polish.

There were a few Constance Carroll powder compacts thrown in as well - I was amazed at the size of the natural glow powder - it's bloomin' huge - and just 99p.

I also picked up a mini palette of really bright eyeshadows to try out and a lovely emerald green Maybelline one

Oh and three - yes three pinky/purple lip glosses - a Sally Hansen one, a L'oréal one and one from Maybelline

~ W o w ~

Didn't I do well

The total of this little lot came to an amazing £11.20 - which is just unbelievable.

I know my order was slightly over the £10 budget given, but because Cosmetics Fairy offer free UK p&p (they do ship worldwide too) on all orders over £10 then I'd still qualify for this too.

Which is brilliant - I hate feeling all elated at making a huge saving on something only to then have to add a big whack of the saving back on just to cover delivery.

It's so off putting.

But there's no worries about that over here - free delivery suits me just fine.

So it would seem that it has been proven by Cosmetics Fairy that you really can get a lot of "stuff" for your cash...

...including five branded lip products...

Oh this does make me smile

*items sent for free to use and review - thoughts and photos - all my own

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