Thursday 10 July 2014

Let's #Tweet4aTable

It's becoming apparent that my ability to maintain a healthy eating plan in order to drop a few pounds for anything longer than a couple of days is quite non-existent these days.

What can I say?

All this lovely food is just stepping in my way.

But I couldn't possibly turn it down either...well, I could...but I really don't want to be doing that...

And this was the situation I found myself in yesterday after work, when the verrry beautiful Sammie invited myself and the equally gorgeous Hayley and gorgeous Kel along as her "plus 3's" to #Tweet4aTable to enjoy a lovely meal on those Co-operative people.

None of us really had any idea of what to expect when we arrived in Leeds, but we soon spotted the pop up restaurant literally "popped up" in the middle of The Headrow.

We eagerly ventured inside to be greeted by some very welcoming ladies who took our "Tweet 4 a Table" code and promptly seated us.

We were given a brief overview of the event - in that absolutely everything on offer was from The Co-op and made in this little pop up area.

I mean if the food can be made there, in such a small space, then surely it could be whipped up in my kitchen at home...

And as for The Co-op - well we all have a local one don't we.

I know mine has been standing for a very long time and it has been my Mum's - and my Nan's for that matter - lifeline at times over the years simply because it is just so convenient.

And there I was, all seated, ready to have a meal on The Co-op, made by The Co-op, with food straight from The Co-op.

My Nan would be pleased.

But then again, who wouldn't be when shown a menu like this

Looking good.

Whilst we deliberated on what to order, we were presented with a basket of cheese and guacamole covered nachos between two of us, to feed our appetites a little bit

And our choice of drinks, obviously courtesy of The Co-op, arrived soon afterwards

After a bit of a mind change I settled on ordering the Holey Moley with Chilli Cheese Fries on the side

And oh my - Holey Moley is was indeed

I couldn't work out how to even attempt to tackle the crammed full burger, so I enjoyed the chilli covered fries first - which were just lovely.

But I couldn't evade the burger for too looked far too nice not to be delving in

But even cutting it in half didn't stop me coating my face in the coleslaw with every bite.

Ever so slightly messy, but worth every second of resembling a small child at dinner time because it was gorgeous.

In fact - it was this gorgeous


We certainly enjoyed ourselves

Make sure you hit Twitter and #Tweet4aTable - you may be lucky enough to be popping along yourself to see what The Co-operative can cook up for you - wherever they "pop up" next.

You'll be disappointed if you don't

*a lovely free meal provide by The Co-operative. Pictures. thoughts and words all my own

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