Wednesday 20 August 2014

Camping Wishlist...or should that be Camping Survival Wishlist...

The realisation has actually hit me today...

...with a great big *whack* of a force...

I'm going camping for the first time EVER v-e-r-y soon.

~ E E E K ~

And if I'm honest I couldn't be any less prepared for it if I had tried.

I've been sat thinking about all of the things that I still need since this morning, when I had a little Twitter-meltdown, and I'm beginning to do my own head in slightly with it all if I'm what better way to clear my head than to do all of your heads in with it instead...

Of course I really don't mean that - but - well I am still going to post a little "Camping Things That I Need" post - I'm using it as Camping-Stress-Therapy in a hope that it will stop me worrying.

Obviously I know I'm going to need all of the usual travelling toiletries.

I'm on the hunt for a small-ish free standing mirror because there's no way on this earth I'll be setting foot outside of that tent (if we have a tent that is...more on that in a sec) without some beautifying products on my face.

I'm scary enough as it is first thing - they'll be children running for miles in sheer terror if I emerge after only a few hours sleep without my face on.

Yes - that mirror is a must.

As is food

As are snacks

As are my make-up brushes

Now the things that have terrified me the most because we don't own them at the moment, are typically the bigger things associated with camping.

Things such as:

~ A tent

Yep you heard correctly -
I'm going camping yet at this moment in time, I do not own a tent.

You can see where this trip is heading can't you...

Anyway, I love the idea of pop-up tents because the effort required with them is minimal - and minimal is my kind of effort where camping is concerned.

Pitch and Go Pop Up Tent (Go Outdoors)

Plus having the two of us adults and my son in this sized tent will help me feel safer...and warmer...which has got to be a bonus.

~ Sleeping Bags

Nah - we don't have these yet either.

The thicker, the fleecier, the warmer, the better in my book.

So I really like the idea of these Mummy-shaped sleeping bags which are supposed to keep warm air inside of them a whole lot better.
Despite probably feeling as though I am trapped inside of one, I really like the idea of these - it's all about keeping warm after all.

Apex Travelling Outdoor Sleeping Bag (Tesco - sale price £24.99)

I absolutely despise being cold - my Hubby goes mad because I'm forever sticking the heating on and he follows me around and switches it all back off again.

If it's cold, it's cold - I don't care if it is the middle of August - that fire is going on.

Which leads me swiftly onto my next item of need

~ A camping heater

Now I didn't know people really took these with them on camping trips - but then again, what do I actually know about camping?!
But after speaking to a few of the other ladies going, it would seem that teeny oil heaters are the way forward...

...or teeny portable gas heaters could work just as good...

Hi Gear Portable Heater (Go Outdoors - sale price - £19.99)

I reckon if I try and attempt camping, especially with the horrid weather we've had recently, without one of these, my poor frozen tootsies may never forgive me.

...and again, when everyone is warming their food up, my poor frozen body will no doubt just stop working in protest because - yep - you guessed it, we also kind of don't have:

~ A Camping Stove

Whisperlite Camping Stove (Go Outdoors - sale price £71.97) of these would prove very useful...

I'm not quite sure how I thought we would be eating without having one to be honest - a weekend of crisps, cereal bars and sandwiches a-plenty was obviously the plan in my head wasn't it.

And as you can now see, my disorganisation levels have reached new heights.

I reckon I had better get myself shopping - and pronto.

I suppose once I have invested in everything though, it will all be there, ready and waiting for the next time we decide we want to get outside in the great outdoors. time...? I just want to survive this time first...

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