Tuesday 26 August 2014

Hen Party Ready

Everyone loves a good old wedding don't they.

Emotions, happiness, loved ones, good food, plenty of alcohol.

A real happy combination.

I loved my own wedding lots, even though it wasn't traditional in the slightest and had most of the typical factors associated with getting wed missing from it.

But flitting away to Gretna Green on your own, not telling a soul will usually create this - but it was fantastic regardless, and it suited us perfectly.

Like I said though, a lot of the traditional wedding-y stuff, we missed out on - one thing was namely the hen do.

At one point I was planning to have one though - before all of the secretive plans took over - and I initially wanted a huge alcohol-fulled blow out...which was gradually scaled down a little to a more modest, more chilled out spa day with my nearest and dearest.

In the end I had neither and although I'm not bothered at all, I do wish I could have planned something.

I do love a good colour-coordinated, highlighted to-do list.

Anyway, one of lovely oldest ever friends - we literally went to nursery, first school, middle school (yes I am old enough to have been to one of those there middle schools!), upper school and sixth form together - phew - that is quite a lot of years - asked me to be one of four bridesmaids at her up-coming wedding.

Excited squeals from me as I obviously accepted.

I can't wait.

I was very kindly offered a little party goody box to get us all hen-party ready too, and although the wedding and hen-party won't be until 2015, I just couldn't resist...

And then the lovely pink box arrived...and I just had to take a little sneaky peek...

...where I found a fantastic little collaborative stash of party ready accessories - there's no way I was waiting until 2015 to get my mitts on them all...

Banana Moon are known for their ability to provide a whole host of clothing items - in different styles and colours and then personalise them as required.

Obviously being part of a Hen Do you want to make sure everyone knows who you are and why you are there - it's all about highlighting the bride as much as possible and making her feel as special as can be.

What better way to do this than to have everyone all labelled up in the bride's name in as much a matchy-matchy way as possible.

I love it.

And Banana Moon obviously understood our needs and very kindly sent us a set of t-shirts in our chosen colour, style and sizes, each personalised individually as desired.

We now have three bridesmaid tee's, a maid of honour one and a lovely bride t-shirt too, so we can certainly be all grouped together, and definitely let everyone know the VIPs have arrived.

The personalisation is really nicely finished, and although the writing is less mint-green as desired and is more fluorescent green, it really helps to make them stand out.

Just what we wanted.

As well as our uniform tee's, included in the box were also a few novelty goodies - luckily for us there were no little plastic willy shapes to be contending with here...

We're a classy bunch don't ya know.

These paper moustaches, from www.henbox.co.uk will come in very handy for our crazy posing antics, because posing is certainly something we are all very, very good at.

Which is just as well because this very lovley Hen Night Photo Album from The Purple Gift Company will need to be filled with lots of moments captured from our crazy time, creating lovely memories for the bride to remember her last night of freedom with.

It is so sweet and such a lovely touch.

It has a nice deep-purple, handmade cover to it with a bling-bling embellished plaque on the front.

The perfect place to store lots of important memories.

Henbox.co.uk also included a brilliant, quite huge, Bride To Be rosette in the package too - it is sure to make our Bride To Be stand out from the crowd.

Which is brilliant because centre of attention is exactly where she needs to be.

And then I also found lots of lovely perfume samples from Fragrance Direct to keep us smelling b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l as well as lots of love-heart sweeties to keep us going throughout the day...and night...

Such a lovely little kit - and I know my bride will love it equally as much...I only wish her Hen Do were sooner so we could put everything to good use asap.

Thank you lots to everyone involved - it is such a lovely gift.

And it's actually making me pine for my own missed Hen Do a little now actually...

*Hen-Party Pack sent to review - pictures, thoughts & images are all my own

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