Wednesday 27 August 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Lovely Little Blog

Wednesday 27th August 2014.

It's a day.

It is today.

It is also a day that is mid-way through a week...which just so happens to be the last week of my summer holidays, but we won't discuss that depressing notion.

So what is so special about today then?




Happy Birthday to The Blog
Happy Birthday to The Blog
Happy Birthday Married-To-A-Geek
Happy Birthday to youuuuu

I really can not actually believe I've been doing this for a whole year now.

It's gone crazily fast - and I've loved every single day that I've been doing it.

And how could I not:

~ I've had the absolute pleasure of meeting some amazing people, people that I am very lucky to now be able to call friends

~ I've attended some amazing events and had some crazy-fab opportunities present themselves to me and I can honestly say I've had an absolute ball attending everything I've been to

~ I've been able to interact and work with various brilliant brands - and come on, when would I ever have been able to say that before...

~ I've played a part in the massacre of Derek-The-Donkey on a beach in Arnside at midnight

~ I've eaten amazing food and drank copious amounts of alcohol

~ I've purchased my first ever MAC products, my first ever primer and my first ever Real Techniques brushes

~ I've actually been coloured matched - professionally and properly - for a foundation that cost more than a tenner

~ I've laughed until I've cried

...and most importantly of all...

~ I've had a bloody good time

My blog's certainly progressed over the year and I'd like to think I've more or less settled into a writing style that I feel is very much "me" now.

I'd also like to think that my photography has improved...a lot...over the last twelve months too, and this is something that I really intend, and really want, to keep getting better and better...


Happy Birthday treats are always a must aren't they...

I feel very lucky to have stumbled into a hobby that I really do love and regardless of how time consuming it can be, because I enjoy it so much, it is never a chore and always a pleasure.

I just love it.

So cheers to birthday number one - lets raise a glass to welcome in that second...

NOTE: No REAL animals were hurt on the Arnside beach!!

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