Tuesday 12 August 2014

Summer Fun - The Deep

Once again, we've been exploring and partaking in some fab, fun things to do this weekend.

We spent an extremely wet and windy Sunday inside the very busy Hull-based aquarium attraction, The Deep.

Everyone - and I literally do mean everyone must have decided that with the horrid weather, they may as well embrace the wetness and join the fishes for the day too - it really was that busy.

But still, it was a very enjoyable day.

The last time we ventured to The Deep it must have been over five years ago now - my son was too young to understand and obviously wasn't all that fussed at the time - I think we literally ran through, saw the odd fish and were on our way home again in no time at all.

Not this time though - being a lot older, he and his school friend took time to actually look at things properly and they really took on board everything they were seeing.

It was education a-plenty and they "Oooh'd" and "Arrr'd" over everything.

We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of "fishy-feeding-time" in the Lagoon Of Light - and wow - were those little fish hungry!

It was interesting to be able to have the different perspectives of this too the further through the museum you went - as we reached the bottom floor - at "the sea bed" level - we could actually see the fish grabbing hold of their lunch and eating it.

Fairly gross, but attention grabbing and educational none-the-less.

And obviously - the boys loved watching little fish heads be chewed up and demolished.

Boys will be boys!

And being boys, they really weren't bothered at all (much to my disappointment) when I excitedly squealed that I had found "Nemo"...

Nope - they didn't want to waste time on little fish like that - they wanted the big fish and stood gazing for ages at some pritty impressively huge Sawfish and Stingrays.

They were massive, and certainly nothing I'd like touching my feet when I go for a paddle that's for sure.

The Deep is so much more than "just fish" and it introduced the children - and us adults too - to so many different underwater creatures, many of which we didn't even know existed before we arrived.

The ones which raised quite a talking point were these little eel-worm-like things (yep-I was too busy laughing to catch their real names!)

They seemed to watch us for a while and then bob up and down in their little holes - fairly bizarre.

And then we had the "Grinning Fish"
(obviously not it's real name!)

Some "cool" ultra bright green frogs

And a few little stripey fellows

Of course, I absolutely loved the penguin exhibition and kept everyone waiting for rather a long time whilst I just stood and gazed at them.

I particularly liked the fact that not only could you see them waddling around on land, but further down the museum there was also an opportunity to see how they behave in the water - both on the surface and underneath it.

They were just amazing.

Once I had been torn away and excitedly told everyone how each penguin had it's own little named ID "bracelet" on (they were beaded and mega cute - I'm sure I have one similar!) we carried on exploring until we found the The Kingdom Of Ice.

Very educational and fact-packed, but when presented with walls of freezing solid ice, boys aren't going to be interested in much else!

They loved it and then it was my turn to drag them away once their hands were frozen solid.

We had a fab day out at The Deep, finished off very nicely with a mooch around the gift shop and then a tank filled with these handsome chappies to wave us off

A brilliant end to a brilliant day

*Tickets provided free of charge - pictures, words and opinions all my own

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