Sunday 10 August 2014

You've Just Gotta Love A "Friends" Night

"I'll be there for youuuu, when the rain starts to fall...

I'll be there for youuuu..."

A song that will forever be a part of my "growing up".

A song that still never fails to halt my aimless channel surfing efforts and forces me to keep watching...regardless of how many times I've watched the particular episode before.

And no matter how many times I've seen the things I'm watching, I still shamelessly laugh out loud the whole way through.

And of course, I could only be referring to the fantastically awesome US sitcom that is Friends.

So when the very lovely Hayley at Tea Party Beauty asked if I fancied being her plus one for an evening filled with very-early-days Friends watching at The Everyman Cinema in Leeds how could I refuse?

I mean come on - Friends and a "date" with a beautiful gal - it was bound to be a simply fabulous evening.

And that it was.

Despite popping into the Trinity Centre in Leeds every now and again, I wasn't sure that I'd ever see the Everyman Cinema before, and had certainly never ventured inside, but there it was - looking all snazzy and nice and fairly grand.

The inside was just as impressive as the outside too - all gold sparkly walls, retro film posters, an impressive bar and fab vintage-looking ticket machines.

I loved it instantly.

We milled around a little bit and were soon whisked away into a little bar area, where we were given a complimentary drink and encouraged to relax and have a chat.

Fantastic start if you ask me.

But I was totally sold when I had a little sneaky peek around this huge, luxurious red curtain and I spotted the cinema room itself -


How amazing it that!

I really couldn't imagine a better place to sit with some lovely people and watch episodes of my all-time favourite TV show.

And this was exactly the point of the evening.

Simplyhealth are a healthcare company who pride themselves on being able to offer affordable healthcare and insurance no matter the situation and they were the people behind the evening, bringing us together to enjoy an evening of laughs, giggles and general fun stuff.

Simplyhealth have an article on their website, explaining the positive psychological affects a smile can have on an individual and during this event, they wanted to show just what having a good old giggle could do.

Sitting with friends, eating lovely (healthy!) popcorn and nibbling on sweeties is no doubt going to raise a smile and make me feel happy anyway that's for sure.

And this is exactly what simplyhealth wanted - for everyone to have a fantastic time - and simply smile.

And we did just that...

~ The surroundings were perfect.

~ The company was perfect.

~ And of course - The TV show was perfect.

We had a very early Central Perk sofa scene:

We had a "Rachel's first job" scene:

And one of my all time most important moments - we had a first "Ross and Rachel, Will They, Won't They" scene:

It doesn't get much better than that.

I was beaming and laughing the whole way through.

Even walking back to the car afterwards we laughed over Joey's hairstyles, giggled at Chandler's early one liners and joked about Phoebe's general wackiness.

It was a fab, fun evening - see - a smile really can make your day.

And I mean - Friends - come on - it has to be the perfect choice for a happy-smiley evening.

How could that show ever fail to raise a giggle...

Smile, Laugh, Be Happy

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