Saturday 16 August 2014

Summer Fun - Eureka

I've absolutely loved my days out with the little man over the past few weeks and we've certainly covered a fair few miles on our travels and yet we still have some places we want to see.

Our venue of choice last week was a lot closer to home and was Eureka - the children's museum in Halifax.

Now Eureka holds so many fond memories for me from my own childhood.

I absolutely loved the place and can still remember being in total awe whenever I visited - the little kitchen particularly sticks in my mind, and it hasn't changed at all...only perhaps it's actually a lot smaller than I remember it being.

I always had so much fun whenever I went that's for certain.

Naturally having my own child, visiting Eureka was definitely going to happen and I remember my son's first visit - he was so small but had the same excitement and giddy-ness that I remembered feeling.

It really is an amazing place for kiddies.

However, now I have a very grown up and very mature eight-almost-nine-year-old who "doesn't play with toys anymore" he unfortunately hasn't wanted to go back to the museum for well over a year now - he gets bored of seeing the same things so quickly.

We were both very intrigued though to have a look at the very new All About Me exhibition that has recently been added to the museum.

So, with my sister and niece in tow, off we popped.

Obviously not having visited for a while, I think we looked at everything with a fresh perspective - my son was so excited all over again - it was brilliant to see.

He couldn't wait to run into the bank to use the cash machine...

...and then run over to M&S to use the money he withdrew to buy some food

He particularly enjoyed operating the till and sending money through the tubes on the ceiling to various other places throughout the museum

He was in his absolute element and no corner of that place was left untouched or unvisited - let me assure you of that...!

We ran around exploring until we reached the place we had been most intrigued about - 

The new All About Me exhibition

Now this exhibition has undergone a £2.9million make-over, and I'm really glad because it was always the section that I wanted to see the most - the big mouth with the wobbly tooth and the skeleton bike rider - I used to love those bits the most, and thankfully they are still there and a-part of the fun.

There was a new, countdown door feature alerting you when it was time to enter...

...and a fab new interactive robot introducing all the kiddies to the purpose of the exhibition

And then that's it - we were in and the fun really began!

The whole exhibition is interactive and very, very new - it totally drew me in - I just wanted to touch everything - and I wasn't the only adult swept up in the magic that's for sure - so imagine how the kiddies felt.

There are now different health care stations that can be examined and explored in lots of detail giving children lots of information about the purpose of each one.

There is...

~ A Reception Area

for booking in and assessing patients.

~ A Baby Clinic

to explore every area of babies and how they grow and develop.

~ A Dentist

to help understand the importance of taking care of the teeth.

And so many others - it's amazing.

As I said, that huge, iconic mouth complete with wobbly tooth is still there - with it's own little upgrade too.

There is so much to see and do.

Honestly it is well worth a visit, even if like us, you thought you'd seen it all.

Let me assure you.... really won't have.

It's a brilliant, fun, educational day out.

Complete with a well stocked cafe when you need to refuel...

...and gift shop for those all important souvenirs


I can't wait to make the most of our year long fast-track (no queues - hurrah!) pass and pop along again really soon.

Thanks for having us Eureka - you were brilliant

*Tickets provided free of charge - thoughts and photographs are all my own

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