Sunday 17 August 2014

New Lush Goodies

Hands up - who loves a bit of Lush....?

Hmmm...nearly everyone then.

And I can't blame ya - I love the place too.

The fantastic, all new Leeds Spa store has even won my "I hate shopping" eight year old over - I took him in for his first visit recently and his exact words were "This shop is awesome".

Can't say fairer than that.

The staff were brilliant with him though - they were happily showing products off to all of the kiddies, making sure they were involved and having a great experience - it was like a mini day out for them.

And of course it meant that the Mum's could indulge a little whilst having happy, content children following alongside.


My son even walked away with his own bath bomb...he's definitely a mini-Lush fan.

But then, even my own first experience with the new Lush Spa store was amazing (see here) and I walked away that day with goodies too - goodies in the shape of a fab goody bag filled with a lots of newbie products for me to enjoy.

And I really have loved trying all of these brilliant things out.

The first product that had me intrigued was the gorgeous strawberry D'Fluff Shaving Soap

As well as smelling fab, this is unlike any soap I've ever used before for shaving - it is more like a thick, fluffy mousse in texture, and obviously - it smells simply fantastic

A little of the product rubbed into the hands and then smoothed over legs - or wherever you're shaving - creates a beautiful smelling barrier for the blade to work it's magic.

Afterwards, I certainly had some very smooth, silky legs that's for sure.
They were a whole lot more nourished as well and I'm thanking the coco butter and coconut oil it has within it for this.

And I'm sure the egg whites, strawberries and golden syrup that are in there too somewhere help play a part in it being so irresistible too.

It really is great and is one of my new favourites.

Also in my bag of goodies was this very thick, very jelly-ish, very citrus-y hair gel -  Zest

And I've loved using this product.

It has a strong ...well...zesty scent which is just beautiful and it really does help to hold my hair in place fantastically.

During recent months I've tried to reduce the amount of heat I apply to my hair and so I leave it natural most of the time.
Scrunched into my damp hair, Zest really helps to control frizz as my hair dries and it keeps my waves in place no problem.

My son thinks the gloopiness of it is brilliant - and yes, he's now "borrowing" this daily too for his "quiff".

* S I G H *

The largest tub of all inside my goody bag held a very rich African Paradise Body Conditioner

Now, I wasn't 100% sold on the scent of this when I first tried it - it has a very subtle floral hint to it - which isn't my favourite really at all.

It did grow on me though, especially when I used it in the shower and saw just how much it did condition my skin - it made me feel all soft and lovely.

There's a lot of product to get through too - a whole 225ml of it - I think I'll be having very nourished skin for a long while to come.

At the moment, the only product I haven't had chance to use yet is The Sunblock - which is a solid sunscreen wash bar - but I think that this may hold one of my most favourite product concepts ever.

The bar is used in the shower as a body wash but because it has a blend of three sunscreens infused within it, a high SPF 30 layer is created all over the skin.

Brilliant - and particularly useful for using on children who hate having a separate sun cream applied.

Very clever.

Come on sunshine - come back out - I want to test this product out.

So there we have it - even more amazingness from Lush - getting a big thumbs up from me.

But then again, how could I not rate Lush highly

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