Wednesday 6 August 2014

Total Jacket Love, With The Hut

I *heart* this jacket

Plain and simple - that is it - I adore it.

After - well - what seems like a very long time spent searching for the perfect black leather jacket, one that would be casual enough for everyday wear but would still look fantastic thrown on over a more dressy outfit for a night out, the amazingly fantastic (I'm allowed to gush this much - the jackets fab!) people at The Hut (find them here) sent me this little lovely.

And I am beyond grateful.

The jacket is a leather look style, has lots of shiny silver zips, has elbow details in a padded patch style, and - oh so importantly for me - it has pockets in.

Fairly deep pockets at that...and ones with zips.


I ordered it in a size 12, just because I didn't want to feel restricted with what I could wear underneath it - I know with most jackets it doesn't take much more than wearing a thin t-shirt before they can become uncomfortably tight, but this fit was just perfect.

At first, to show the jacket off, I thought I would wear it over a dressy-dress and style it as a bit of a going out cover up, but to be honest, I hardly ever go out these days (I'm getting old and boring) and there's no way I was letting it stay hidden in the wardrobe.

Not a chance.

It's going to be stuck to my back as much as I can possibly get away with.

So then when we decided, totally last minute, on Sunday afternoon that we wanted to go to the pictures to see newly released "Guardians Of The Galaxy" (which is amazing might I add), I sped off to ditch the onesie (well it was a lazy Sunday) and pulled on some jeans, my comfy Converse and then - oh why not eh - my lovely new favourite.

I also pulled out my newly purchased (in their recent sale) purple metallic Zatchels bag for a little outing of it's own too.

I think they look quite good together myself.

Anyway, this outfit is probably a lot more of a chilled out-casual kind of an outfit than the jacket really deserves but it's a style I would be likely to wear on a daily basis - and seeing as the jacket's going to be worn day-to-day, I figured it was the best way to show it off.

Comfy, casual, and slightly - (thanks to the jacket, the red Bourjois lips and my big (unbrushed!), messy ponytail) - dare I say "rock chick-y"...!?

Especially when teamed with one of my all time favourite, very band-esq Topshop tee's.

Either way - the jacket certainly makes the outfit.

It is really well made, and I found the length quite flattering as well - not too cropped but not long enough that it swamps me either.

Just perfect.

It's really on-trend and...well...hmmm...I can't find a bad word to say about it at all.

It's great.

The jacket is set to be released later this month and will be priced at £60

...just incase you feel a desire to take a more in-depth peek at it...

Casual...dressy...whatever...I know I'll be wearing this beauty to absolute death

*PR Sample - words, honest opinions & pictures are all my own

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