Thursday 7 August 2014

Cute Blue Korean Nails

Having days that are either so jam-packed full of fun that I feel like I need a week long rest afterwards, or days that are so chilled out I am literally unable to move from my corner of our large comfy sofa, means that naturally, over the summer holiday, certain things are going to be neglected at times.

It has got to happen - there is only so much time in a day to try and shoe-horn everything in after all.

And for me, the thing that has been left to fester without me giving it any attention at all this week has been my nails.

They really haven't been looking all too pretty let me tell you.

~ Un-filed

~ Un-painted

~ Totally un-loved

! Yak !

And then I knew I had to put some time and effort into them, when yesterday, my son had a closer inspection of them and was genuinely horrified at them looking so "horrible".

I figured I'd best sort them out ASAP.

And what better way to fancy them up a bit than by pulling out another one of my fab Korean nail purchases (see here) - one of the ones I haven't tried yet of course, and this time it had to be "Baby Sky" - a lovely - well - a lovely sky blue colour.

The pretty flower adorned bottles were back out, and this time it was a little white flower which complimented my polish colour of choice.


I still have no complaints with the L.vida brand at all - this colour, like the others, applied really easily to the nails - two coats gave me this lovely, solid baby blue colour

There was no mess, minimal fuss and no horrible smell either.

Oh - and we all know that speed of drying is a very important factor to me in a nail polish and this one certainly didn't disappoint on that front either.

Just a few minutes wait between the two coats I applied and I was all set to (still very carefully) go.

Another very pretty, very successful Korean purchase I reckon.

Oh, and my son is now pleased that my nails are looking better and are more up to his standards again.

Wouldn't want to be upsetting him now would I...

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