Sunday 28 September 2014

A Fantastic Jack Flash Performance

At thirty years old, is it acceptable to be acting all "Fan-Girl" when you go watch talented people perform?

Awww - come on - you've got to say it is...

Well, regardless - that's just "the way I roll".

I can't help myself.

Don't worry - The Husband is very much aware of my "problem" and regardless, invited me along to go see one of his - and one of my - favourites, perform at Huddersfield's Bar 122 on Friday night.

It was fab.

Bar 122 is a really laid back, chilled out venue - just the way I like it, and whilst we sat around and waited for the "main event", we were entertained, first by Darren Ellis who was great - really friendly and chatty, and of course very talented too.

Then we had the pleasure of listening to The Zillaz perform - who were mega mega fab in fact I think I'm adding them to my favourites list.

But then it was time  - time for the brilliance that is.... *wait for it*...

~ Jack Flash ~

Ooooh - I was a teensy bit excited I've got to admit.

I've had the pleasure of seeing him perform live before and I was obviously really giddy to be going again.

Especially when he made a special effort to pop over to see us and say Hi, thanking us for coming along...accompanied with a quick cuddle and a kiss on the cheek for me... :)

So yes - I was way too excited, I think we may have established that little fact, and I wasn't disappointed at all.

The performance was Ah-Mazing - as expected.

And naturally, I took way too many photographs and videos - but who cares right!!

It's what fabulous music and outstanding lyrics call for.

Jack Flash is from Huddersfield - even more reason to love him right, being from Yorkshire and all - so playing in his home town, surrounded by friends and family obviously helped to create the real chilled out, intimate feel the evening had.

It really was great.

The live music; the words of the songs being so strong, meaningful and at times so hard-hitting; the atmosphere - everything just blended together perfectly.

I've got to add - I have known people who have been reduced to tears after listening to, and after really understanding this song, "Mayflies" - and that takes a lot.

Jack Flash has a very unique style - he certainly isn't a performer who blends in with the rest that's for sure.

And having the beauuutiful voice of Jade America Harris accompanying him just makes for a simply amazing mix.

And yep - the rest of this post is going to be filled with a small selection of the images I captured from the evening.

...well I did warn you I went slightly "fan-girl"...

Just fantastic

I'm already pencilling in the next time I'm going to see him anyway...

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