Monday 22 September 2014

And These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Awww - what a film.

The Sound Of Music.

That is certainly one of my favourite things - total flashback to my childhood with that one.

I so wanted to be Liesl

Oldest, very beautiful - yep - she was my favourite Von Trapp for sure.

Anyway, this got me to thinking a little bit this weekend - where were all of my lovely things?

The things I used to wear all of the time but now seem to be lost forever - where on earth did they all go?

If you spied my Twitter last night then you'll see that I sent out a little bit of an SOS plea or two, to help me fix a few of these favourite things.

I did - once upon a time - buy lots of lovely things...way before I became a Mum and my money stopped being my own that is.

So the first thing I re-found was my Vivienne Westwood glitzy, bling bling orb necklace.

I know I bought this whilst I was still at Uni - possibly in my third, year wayyy back in about 2004...

Which was a looong ten years ago... wow...

I loved wearing it but like with anything that's "getting on a bit" it needs a little TLC now and a stone needs replacing.

Fingers crossed it can be sorted.

Next I found another bit of bling I bought - I very obviously loved my sparkles back in the day didn't I.

I remember opening this on Christmas morning - my first Christmas as a Mum in fact - back in 2005 - and I loved it.

I also remember it latching onto everything I wore which is why two of the pink stones are missing.


But I'm determined to get it fixed so I can bling myself up again and get it back on my wrist.

I love the fact that I managed to find some of the things that mean a whole lot to me.

I would have hated them to be lost forever.

I also had a little realisation that my trusty old big fat ghd's will celebrate their ELEVENTH birthday this Christmas.

Eleven years - that's got to be good going for an electrical appliance
(they better keep going a while longer now)

I used to have this very huge, fluffy hair and back when the Husband was the boyfriend he bought me them on our very first Christmas together.

I was SO happy when I opened them let me tell you
(fuzzy haired girl issues!)

Whoever thought ghd's could be romantic eh!

But romantic or not, I'll never forget going out that night and being stood at the bar - a friend came over to me and said "You got ghd's for Christmas didn't you."

Those blooming things changed my life.

Isn't it great how the craziest of things can spark the most random trip down memory lane!!

I really do love all of my favourite things

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