Wednesday 24 September 2014

Bourjois Colour Boost Love

I'm becoming slightly addicted to lip products at the moment and I'm not even a teeny bit sorry about it either.

I'm also becoming ever increasingly addicted to Bourjois and I'm certainly not sorry about this one little bit.

And add together my two "not sorry's" to a trip down to London-town, it obviously equals lots of purchases being made.


To be fair on myself, I did actually put these two things back on the shelf whilst I was in Boots.

I decided to be strong, to walk away - very fast - and to not spend any (more) money.

But really - who on earth was I trying to kid?

Those things needed to be mine.

When we stepped into Superdrug a little while after leaving Boots I bee-lined for the Bourjois stand and picked them both back up straight away; I stomped over to the till and then gave the good lady my cash.

* And breathe *

Lip products - purchased

Lip products - mine

~ P H E W ~

And aren't they just so pretty.

Those fab Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayons.
(find them here)

They make me think of Fruit Salad sweets when they are sat next to each other like they are in this picture - remember those orange and pink wrapped penny sweets that always went hand-in-hand with the equally yummy black jacks.


Anyway, apart from looking totally sweet-tastic, these products are brilliant for adding a really subtle, slightly shiny colour to the lips.

They aren't exactly glossy but they do make the lips look a little shimmery - without being sticky or glittery in the slightest.

I found them perfect for everyday wear.

Although saying that, I did recently wear the pinky one, Red Sunrise, to a party and I had lots of compliments on it.

It is slightly bolder in colour on the lip than the orangey one is and the colour is much more visible, but without being OTT.

The colour worked really well with the outfit that I chose for the party too and because I was running so late I ended up putting on all of my make-up on in the venue toilets (classy!!) - but using the Colour Boost crayon saved me loads of time and effort.

They are just so easy and very precise to use.

And that goes for the peachy shade I chose too, Orange Punch.

I'm loving orange lips at the moment and recently purchased MAC Morange - but I feel that it is a tad too much for day-to-day wearing.

I have wanted to purchase lip colours that are more subtle recently, so I can wear them all of the time - even just to pop into Tesco on a Saturday morning if I need to, without worrying that I'll be stared at for having too bright or too bold a lip.
(this really does happen ya know!)

Orange Punch ticks this box for me perfectly.

It too is sheer, shimmery, feels very hydrating on the lips and just has a lovely, subtle peach tone.

I love it.

So, it would seem that Bourjois have done it again - got me all addicted to one of their lip product ranges and I now must have all of the other colours.


It would be rude not to complete the collection now wouldn't it...

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