Friday 19 September 2014

ARK - Age Aware Skincare

I love nothing more than receiving pretty parcels in the post.

Who doesn't.

But receiving very pretty, surprise parcels is even better.

Well, a parcel is always amazing no matter the occasion really isn't it - they never fail to make me smile or make me feel all treated and spoilt.

So getting my hands on this fancy white gift bag, filled with fabulous skincare products was certainly no exception to the smile-and-feel-happy-rule that's for sure

ARK Age Aware Skincare promise to bring about a new way to treat skin to everything that it needs and they do so throughout every stage of life.

Products are prescribed, individually, dependant upon a person's skin age.

Yep - skin age rather than skin type

The age "categories" of products are:

~ Age Prepare - teens to early 30s
~ Age Maintain - mid 30s to 50
~ Age Repair - 50 and beyond

My goody bag contained products from the Age Prepare range and I couldn't wait to get started.

My lovely little white bag, adorned with a cute black silky ribbon bow, contained a handy travel bag (hellooo new make-up bag) with "The Discovery Collection" inside (priced at £28)

I was really excited to get going with everything and I used the products twice daily for just over two weeks.

I really, really enjoyed them all.

The skin refining exfoliator was the first product I picked up.

Being fairly busy now I'm back at work, I thought my skin could do with a really deep cleanse or two, and what better way to do this than with a good gritty face scrub.

The exfoliating pieces within were bigger than in most other exfoliators I've tried in the past - I found it to be very gentle and not harsh in the slightest.

It had a really thick, slightly...waxy...feel to it on the skin and it just glided across my face really nicely.

I was left with a very clean-feeling face - love it.

After using this, I smoothed a small amount (and you really do only need a small amount - it is that rich and thick) of the moisturiser over my face and found that it absorbed really well, sinking straight into the skin leaving behind a smooth, soft, hydrated base to work with.

It is very luxurious and even has a recommendation from OK! Magazine - so it's gotta be good, eh.

Obviously I didn't use the exfoliator everyday - just when I needed after a particularly sweaty run - urgh.

The other days I cleansed my face using the Skin Clear Cleanser.

This was really gentle, it foamed slightly and again, it helped my skin feel very fresh and clean.

This cleanser is completely soap free and contains ingredients guaranteed to completely rid nasties that cause those dreaded spot outbreaks...

ARK - you're really winning me over here.

I also (obviously) used the purifying masque a few times too - as a little bit of a skin treat - and it was fab.
(it too has a magazine recommendation - this time from More magazine)

I simply smoothed the clay like masque over my face, relaxed for ten minutes and then rinsed it away.

Because it helps to absorb and then rid the skin of excess oils my skin felt clear, clean and very fresh after using it.

Throughout the time I was using these products - even as early as from day one - my skin not only genuinely felt a whole lot softer and a lot more supple, but not once did I have a single spot outbreak...

...which is quite a bold statement for me to be able to make at the moment because my skin has been an absolute nightmare over the past year or so.

Amazing stuff.

Thank you ARK - I owe you a great deal

*products sent for review purposes - thoughts, images and opinions are all my own

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