Monday 15 September 2014

Pretty, Sparkly L.M.B Nails

So yep - I've become one of those ladies who can't wander past any sort of nail decoration stand without spending AGES picking up every bottle and staring at the lovely colours.

It doesn't help that I am just so indecisive either - I just 'ummm' and 'arrr' for ages... the to the total dismay of my eight year old son, who now ALWAYS huffs and puffs simply at the mere sight of a Boots store.


Obviously then, when I spotted a L.M.B nail table at Northern Bloggers Meet Up (details here) I was instantly drawn to it.

Such pretty colours.

And after a fair bit of deliberating I finally walked away with two of the lovely colours - a coral (more details later about this beauty) and this slightly sparkly Christmas-ready little green number

I was really impressed with the generous sized bottles - especially for the price...which I can't quite remember now...but I do know it was impressivly reasonable.

Brand owner Leanne was lovely too and very helpful - which is always a sure fire way to get me to spend some cash.

Back to the sparkles...

I painted my nails in a bit of a rush before work yesterday and I was impressed with how this polish played along with my need for total no time-wasting speed or messing about of any kind.

It applied easily, it didn't smell horrible at all and it dried nice and quickly.

What more do you need.

Oh - well apart from a nice finish that is...

And a nice finish it gives.

It is so pretty and is going to look f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s with my array of Christmas jumpers in the coming months.

Two coats of polish gave me this slightly translucent, metallic, sage-green colour.

I really love it.

And I was a little worried that it might be too OTT and glittery for me, but nope, not at all.

It's perfect.

I certainly need to invest in a few more L.M.B colours I think...

Purely for research purposes of course...

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