Saturday 4 October 2014

A Little Bit Of Fashion Bible Luxe

Although I may not always admit that I can be bothered to do it (I'm so lazy sometimes!), I love a good old opportunity to get all glammed up, put on a fab dress and make myself feel all lovely and pretty.

It's such a girlie thing to do, and, let me just be honest here, it makes such a welcome change to actually put some effort in from time to time, because on your run-of-the-mill kind of a day, I'll sometimes barely take the time to even rake a brush through my hair.

...such a slob...

But anyway - as much as I love it, these dress-up opportunities are few and far between at the moment, and that's why I've had a Fashion Bible dress in my possession for a fair while now without me sharing it with you.

Boooo I know.

I realised I just couldn't wait around anymore for "the perfect occasion" to present itself - so I made up my own 'showcasing of the dress' event...

A "Simply Showing Off The Dress With No-Where To Go" kind of occasion.

And then, obviously, I woke up this morning to rain and being the wuss that I am, there was no way I was stepping foot outside in a lacy, backless number today.

It is far too cold for any of that nonsense.

Which is why my dress pictures are taken inside again - sorry - but I know you wouldn't want me grumpy and freezing all day.

Now, when I was sent this dress - "this dress" being the LUXE Blue Lace Sleeveless Dress (priced at £34.99) and I opened it, initially I was a little shocked by the bright boldness of the colour - it is very pretty, don't get me wrong, but I don't think I've worn such a bold blue before.

I was a little worried it would be a tad OTT, but now I've had it on again and had a little posing session - any excuse eh - I do think it's rather lovely.

The dress has a blue, knee-length netted skirt detail over a nude coloured underskirt.
The main body of the dress is also made up of this nude coloured material with the bright blue lace adding the lovely detailing on top.

I like how the nude colour is almost identical in colour to my own skin tone too.

I also really like that the sides of the body of the dress are made from a black mesh material - we all know black is very slimming - so having this on either side of the dress should (hopefully!) create a slimmer silhouette shape.

Lose a few inches in an instant - always a winner for me.

I absolutely love the back detail to the dress because it has a fantastic "open" element to it, which not only helps give the dress a little something extra, but it also helps to create a slightly (dare I say it...?) sexier edge to the outfit.

I think if I were to wear this to a party, it would certainly have to be a case of letting the dress do all of the talking - nude shoes and a very simple nude clutch bag, teamed with very minimal, delicate jewellery - maybe just a silver bracelet and a teeny silver ring.

Too many "added extras" would, for me, create a far too cluttered and busy look because the dress is quite bold and a real statement in itself.

I think I may have ordered the wrong size in this dress though - I opted for a twelve, which is a size up from my usual size - it is slightly bigger than I would have liked, especially with the nude colouring of the bodice - a tighter, closer-to-the-skin fit would have looked a tad better I think.

Hey-Ho - nothing my mum and a needle and thread won't be able to solve.

But do take note - order your usual size when you buy this dress - no sizing up required.

Thank You Fashion Bible - you have too many tempting, pretty things...

I think I want them all

*item received to review - words, pictures and opinions are 100% all of my own

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