Monday 27 October 2014

It's Going To Be A Lush Filled Christmas

I do love having excuses to pop on over to Leeds as regularly as possible these days.

And why wouldn't I - if I do it means I can squeeze in a few cheeky Lush visits as often as my diminishing bath-bomb collection requires - which is surprisingly quicker than you may think - especially with an eight year old in the house who is almost as addicted to Lush-ness as I am.

You can imagine just how happy I was then to be invited along to an after-hours blogger session inside of Lush in Leeds last week to be taken through the all new - and majorly fantastic - Lush Christmas range.

When we arrived, as hospitable as ever, the Lush staff greeted us with drinks and some amazing cakey goodness - the strawberry topped one was amazing - and encouraged us to have a little browse of - and even better a little play with - all the lovely new products on offer.

I was drawn immediately to all of the artistically displayed Christmas boxed gifts dotted around the store.

The packaging is just so bright, cheerful and very festive - you can't help but want to get closer to them.

Without a shadow of a doubt, they would make anyones Christmas outstanding:

~ they smell out of this world good
~ they come with a varying range of items inside
~ they don't even need to be wrapped up either

Can a gift get any better?

Being able to wander round the store and actually be encouraged to take everything in, to touch it, feel it and smell it is a very unique experience and is the exact reason why my son - who hates shopping - is such a Lush fan.

He loves the hands on approach the staff make possible - but then again, what child wouldn't - so when I saw the fab Snowman Kit I thought of him straight away.

Soap that is coloured coded to be able to really make a cute bath-time snowman is just fantastic.

And as always, the displays of bath related products on offer didn't disappoint one teeny little bit.

The Christmas range has very much excelled itself, and there is just so much to choose from, some of which includes:

~ the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

~ Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

~ Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Don't they look brilliant.

I mean they have got to be haven't they because with a shop that can even make your normal, run of the mill bar of soap a fantastical experience you wouldn't expect anything less.

Yog Nog soap is amazing - all creamy and fudgey smelling - yum...a piece already resides in my bathroom.

And I guarantee that Reindeer Rock will be next on my purchase list too.

It's brilliant - the detail in the design is just crazy - this is a block of body-washing soap - and it has reindeer carved into it...some even with 'ickle babies in their tummies

And it smells beautiful too.

Something else with unquestionable beauty has got to be...



I love this stuff - but then don't most people - and this is my first ever year of owning a bottle of it - it is very good.

And very nearly empty already seeing as how the two males in my house also very much love how it smells too...

You really do need to pop along to your nearest Lush store to get your hands on at least one of their Christmassy products - you'll be missing out if you don't.

You may even be lucky enough to see a Christmas product demonstration whilst you're there.

A great way to see the things in action before you take them home with you.

Personally I would recommend grabbing one of the beautiful gift boxes for someone - someone you very much want to impress this Christmas - they really are so pretty.

The lovely people at Lush Spa Leeds really impressed (and surprised) everyone by totally spoiling us and giving us our very own early Christmas pressie.

My treat came in the shape of this very bright star shaped box crammed full of goodies - which also led me to singing Star Of Wonder alllll of the next day too

I will be smelling amazing for weeks with this lovely little lot.

And can you spot my all important Snow Fairy - yep - it was in the box too - as was the Candy Mountain bubble bar - Lush obviously know how to make me smile.

I just loved it.

Thanks again Lush.

Brilliant Event

Brilliant Gift

Brilliant Store

Oooh - I Do Love Lush

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