Monday 20 October 2014

Sheffield BBloggers - Take One

You may have seen that over the weekend - on Saturday to be exact - I was rushing around a little, prepping and preening for the much awaited, the much anticipated and looked-forward-to Sheffield BBloggers - #SheffieldBBloggers - event.

And my oh my - what a great day it was.

So, over to Sheffield we popped - our venue of the day was a lovely little South India restaurant, Maveli, which was about a twenty minute walk way from the train station.

Maveli not only welcomed us with open arms, but they were chatty and really friendly, and even plied us with lots of beautiful food too.

The chickpeas, fancy-foil adorned chicken and the fish were my favourites.

Hmmmm...that fish...yum

Anyway - if I can drag myself away from my stomach for a second I'll fill you in on the rest of the day...

I found the whole event quite relaxed - and lots of fun.

We were let loose with Georgina's own personal collection of fancy-dress accessories - including some of her amazing wigs.

What a giggle.
Because the room wasn't overloaded with people, the atmosphere was really chilled out and we all had an opportunity to sit or mingle at our leisure, chatting to old acquaintances and making new ones.


We grabbed a table and had a little nose through the crammed full of treats goody bags that we were presented with...they were personalised too, thanks to The Blogger Programme.

Aren't they fantastic - such a lovely memento of the day.

And trust me - the contents on the inside were even better - but more on that a little later on.

Oh go on then - I'll let you have a sneaky little peek...

Spoilt rotten weren't we.

And the treats continued coming.

Ever popular Lush (Lush Sheffield to be precise) were around, filling the room with their amazing, signature aroma, tempting us with their Christmassy wears.

Oooh - I do love me a little bit of Lush.

We then also had the opportunity to have a relaxing arm massage and make a cute little robot bath bomb too.

Some of us were even lucky enough to have our very own bath-bomb making master-class from our beautiful hostess herself.

And then...


It really was a very exciting, dramatic moment.

The lovely, certainly-knows-her-brow-stuff lady aka Kim from Boudoir Salon in Sheffield walked through the door and was literally mobbed by brow-attention-needing ladies.

And I'm not ashamed to admit that I was at the front of this little gang - but Kim was lovely and took it all in her stride - she even offered a quick "how-to" class into the art of threading.

We were each given mini individual consultations and I was more than happy to hear that my never before waxed, threaded or professionally touched brows were "a good shape" and only required a little make-up touch up and a super-quick tweeze.

Yay - happy days.

And whilst having good brows was a priority for me, not to loose focus on the aim of the event - to raise some cash for a brilliant charity - it was time for the raffle.

Georgina, Heather and Ashleigh had secured some outstanding prizes and had sold raffle tickets to us all in a bid to raise funds for Look Good, Feel Better".

What an amazing charity.

Their representative Jan told us all about it:

Through product donations from brands and voluntary help from people in the beauty industry, ladies suffering from the affects of cancer are given the opportunity to all get together, have a natter and a catch up, make some new friends and have a little much needed pampering and TLC.

Jan has worked with the charity for nineteen of it's twenty years and she certainly knows her stuff.

She is such a lovely lady and explained that each woman attending a Look Good, Feel Better session will walk away with their very own Confidence Kit filled with nineteen beauty products, but so much more importantly, they will be wearing a huge smile and be feeling so much happier within themselves.

What an amazing, worthwhile cause.

Together, through the raffle, we raised almost £250 on the day for the charity.

But I'm not surprised - the prizes on offer were fantastic

From day one I had my eye on the beautiful Vivienne Westwood Orb ring from Silvertree Jewellery...but alas, it wasn't to be mine - the lovely Jan actually walked away with it...such a deserving lady.

I did win some l-u-r-v-e-r-l-y things though...but I'll tell you more about those a little later too...

And then, just when we all thought our weary, spoilt bodies could take no more, Georgina had another little surprise for us... it wasn't half naked men bursting through the door as some of us was much, much better than that...

Costellos Cakeaway arrived to tempt us with their sweet cakey goodness

How gorgeous do they all look...and trust me - they tasted just as fantastic.

What is special about Costellos is that they deliver - yes, deliver, their cakes straight to your door - be that the door of your home or the door of your place of work - slices of calorific goodness in your hand within the space of twenty five minutes.

What a way to perk up a dreary Monday afternoon.

It's things like this that could really tempt me to move cities you know...

I had an absolutely fantastic day and I am so grateful to Georgina, Heather and Ashleigh for inviting me along to share in their event and for letting me be apart of all of the fun.

Thanks millions ladies

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