Sunday 19 October 2014

Best Christmas Experiences

So the time has officially arrived.

There is just no getting away from it now.

The shops are full of it.

The build up is definitely mounting.

~ Christmas ~

It is certainly on it's merry little way.

And luckily for me I've had my "Christmas head on" lately, because I was approached by Transun and asked to let them know what my favourite Christmas experience has been, to be in with a chance to win...


I mean - how out-of-this-world amazing is that.

Santa. the elves and all of the reindeer - all actual real life.


Now what an experience that would be.

But we need my Christmas experiences so far don't we...ooooh...I really have had many a brilliant Christmas - obviously many throughout my own childhood which have left me with some fantastic memories.


I think now that I'm older, I would have to say that my best of the best of the bestest ever Christmas experiences have simply got to be those that I've had over the past nine years. 

Those years since I became a Mum.

Having the opportunity to make Christmas as exciting and as magical as possible to get that big beaming smile as your child opens the door for the first time on Christmas morning and can see that -

"Oh My Goodness - Santa has been"

- has got to be the best thing in the whole world.

Putting up the Christmas decorations together; writing lovely letters to Santa together; building snowmen together (weather permitting of course!), putting out the carrots, chocolates (Santa doesn't like mince pies in our house...!) and milk (or beer...depending how Santa may be feeling...!) on Christmas Eve and then waiting and experiencing all of the anticipation together...

...It's just amazing.

But I have to say that for me, one year in particular sticks in my mind as being all that more magical and all that more special.

It is this year that has got to be my best Christmas experience.

My son was born in November, so whilst his first Christmas was great - my first one ever as a Mummy - he didn't really "get it" (he was only a month old), so the year after, he was almost thirteen months old, it was all exciting and new and we had lots of fun digging into all of the gifts, ripping off all of the paper together and playing with toy after toy after toy.

Fun times.

Also, this particular year happened to be the year that my beautiful baby boy met my Dad - his Grandad - for the very first time.

Slight emotion overload.

Now, let me just give you a little background info into this - when I was eighteen, my Dad moved himself and my two brothers and baby sister all the way over to New Zealand looking for a better, more laid back quality of life.

Obviously it was upsetting, but over the years, we all adjusted and kept in touch as often as possible - and - well - it got me a lovely six week trip to NZ anyway.
(gotta focus on the positives!)

But as the years went on, I stopped being eighteen and at school and I started to grow up.

I went to Uni, I met my now Husband, we moved in together, got engaged and I had a lovely little baby.

But all without my Dad being around to see or experience any of it.

And it was hard - on me, and of course - on him.

So, when my son was still very little, my Dad came over to England to visit us for the whole of December.

And it made for a very lovely Christmas indeed.

Grandad and Grandson bonded beautifully - and immediately - and it really, really made my year.

Christmas has never been so brilliant.

It was very special, and very memorable.

My Dad and family are all back living in the UK now, and although almost nine years has passed since their first meeting, Grandson and Grandad are still as close as ever.

We can't wait for Christmas this year - pressies, family meals, slobbing out in front of the TV watching cheesy Christmas movies together - doing all of those amazingly good things that you really do take for granted.

Don't take them for granted - ENJOY!

So here is to a very Merry, family-filled Christmas

*my entry into a competition

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