Saturday 18 October 2014

Todays MakeUp Revolution Nails

I thought I would literally throw a quick post together this morning because... 



I actually can not wait for this - it is going to be ah-mazing

But as usual, I've left painting my nails and all of the important, general getting readiness to the very last minute, but never mind eh...!

Something that I had to do this morning was sort out my unloved, disgusting nails - they were terrible - so seeing as how earlier this week it was revealed that the fab MakeUp Revolution will be a-part of the fun at the meet today, I just had to choose one of their nail colours in my collection to help make myself a tad more presentable.

I bought my first "lot" of MakeUp Revolution things ageeesss ago and have just never featured them on my blog.

Silly Me eh.

Today I chose to use a deep red nail colour - the shade Heaven's Above - and it cost me £1...

Yep - just one little pound.

And there are forty different colour shades to choose from - all priced at £1

Great stuff eh!

Now, applying my first coat of this polish, I found that it was really quite thin and didn't cover my nail fully - I could still see nail through the colour - but this was nothing a second coat couldn't fix (and I do like me a good two coats of nail colour!)

I was left with a nice, deepish red nail which was very shiny and glossy.

Also, to say that the polish was so cheap I didn't think it had too much of chemically smell either...which is always a bonus.

And that's it - nails done - in a mad rush too  - and they still ended up looking really rather nice.

I'll be sure to get my other Makeup Revolution loves on the blog in the very near future too.

Eeek - time to go get all "Meet Up Excited" now

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