Wednesday 19 November 2014

Letters Direct From Santa's Lapland Mailroom

I don't know about anyone else but I love getting letters and parcels through the post.

It's just so exciting.

I always rush to the door if I hear the postman approaching, even if I'm not expecting anything fancy, there's just something that makes me a little giddy seeing what he has brought for me.

And then today at work, a colleague told me, huge smile on her face, just how over the moon a lovely surprise pressie landing on her doorstep earlier this week had made her feel.

It would seem that no matter our age we all love a good delivery.

They totally brighten up the day.

With this in mind then, put yourself in the shoes of a 'ickle child and imagine just how amazing a pretty letter through the door would make them feel.

~ Excitement overload ~

For a start, it's unlikely to be anything they've ever really had before which totally heightens the surprise element.

But then...

...imagine how that excitement would escalate the second they notice that what they hold in their hand is from none other than Santa himself.


My son has had similar letters in the past and has loved them, but, if I'm honest, he's beginning to question things a whole lot more now, now that he's the grand old age of nine, but I am determined to keep the Christmas magic alive for as long as I possibly can.

I'm not ready to let him let go of Santa just yet.

And I'm hoping Lapland Mailroom will help with this.

Lapland Mailroom are a family run company who supply personalised letters to children - worldwide - for a pritty impressive £7.95.

Letters can be delivered directly to the child or can be delivered, unsealed, to an alternative address, but will still have the child's personal details on them to help keep that special element alive.

I opted to have the letters sent to myself, allowing me to take a sneaky peek at them and allow me to get them to the kiddies myself.

They arrived individually, personally addressed in a lovely, Santa stamped envelope.

Inside the envelope I found an array of Christmas goodies too - and all for no extra cost either
(which is an offer that won't be around for too long I wouldn't imagine...)

~ Bargain ~

Inside, I found:

~ a "Nice List" is always good to know that you're not on the "Naughty List" now isn't it.

~ a Christmas activity pack filled with fun things to colour and bring to life...including a "Santa Stop Here" sign

VERY important!

...and of course...

~ the letter itself - the one sent direct from Santa himself

...which comes complete with a cute Santa picture seal - obviously to prove the authenticity of everything...

I found both letters really lovely, Christmassy and very festive.

The whole process of making them was really simple too.

There are four different letter options to choose from which help to vary the style received - always good if there are multiple children in one house - especially if they are of different ages.

So choice made, I filled in a few details which helped to make the letters unique - obviously with information that only Santa would know - things like a best friends name, a most wanted Christmas gift - all that kind of secretive stuff.

Once I had reviewed everything and made sure I was happy - I placed my order and sat back and waited.

And I wasn't disappointed - I think the letter's are fab.

I can't wait until they land on the doorstep to see the reactions they get.

Delivery from the mailroom begins to happen on December 1st - so - that leaves just enough time to pop along and begin to get all Christmas creative.

Happy Excited-Moment Making

* letters sent free of charge in exchange for a review - all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own

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