Saturday 1 November 2014

Lush Luxury Christmas Pud

For the past few weeks I've been a real old busy bee, running around trying to sort out all the things for my lovely son's ninth birthday this weekend...

~ W A I T ~

- lets just take a second here - baby is very nearly nine...


* gulp *


Phew - I've composed myself now.

So as I said, I've been a tad stressed recently, but only because I've wanted to make sure everything is just brilliant for his birthday day.

Well, it's more of a birthday weekend really, but nothing's too good for my lil' cutie.

In fact, as you read this we will probably be spending some time having lots of fun, naturally including eating our own body weights in lurverly, calorific, birthday foods...

! YUM !

But - back to the stress - sorting out the cake, sourcing and searching out the pressies, worrying if certain tickets will arrive in time...yep...this birthday lark is quite hard work.

And because of all of this, I figured that I deserved a little bit of a treat and what better way to relax and chill out than to take half an hour for myself to enjoy a long, relaxing soak in the bath.

Naturally using an amazing Lush product - his time is just had to be the Luxury Lush Pud from the brilliant Lush Christmas range (more details here).

If nothing else attracts you to this bath time treat then the amazingly bright array of colours has got to.

It just looks so pretty

I mean - it's bright pink for a start (yay!) and then it has a white "Christmas pud icing" layer at the top, adorned with a little sprig of holly - I love it.

Plus there are the numerous...well...splodges really...of bright colours dotted all throughout it and the fact that it smells bloomin' amazing and just like...well...just like Christmas really.

A very relaxing treat infused with lots of relaxation-aiding lavender and ylang ylang oils.

The perfect way to de-stressing after hours of searching and still not being able to find the right set of WWE action figures anywhere...


So - I ran myself a nice, hot bath and then popped this into the water.
It began fizzing steadily away immediately and it seemed to just keep on going for ages.

I loved the colours it created in the water too - well who wouldn't - a lovely, very pretty bath is what everyone wants...isn't it...

After a long soak in this fab, colourful water, my skin felt all lovely, soft and silky...but then again it always does after a Lush bath.

I think I need to stock up on a few more of these...and not just for me either...I noticed my son searching through our little Lush collection basket, and he looked a little disheartened that this particular one was no longer there...

~ Ooops ~

...maybe I'll get one onto the "Emergency Dash For Last Minute Birthday Bits" list...

The Luxury Lush Pud - such a fab way to unwind and de-stress

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